Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I prefer Winter....

I know. I'm crazy. Deal with it.

I do. I love winter. I'd rather be cold any day of the week than hot. Don't get me wrong, if a place existed that was 80 degrees, with low humidity, a gentle breeze and COMPLETELY bug free year round. I would be packing right now.

I hate bugs. Really, a lot. Especially the spiders. *Shudder* Now, if they would stay outside, I probably wouldn't mind them that much. But I take issue with any living creature that moves into my house with out first asking my permission.

I also hate being hot. Unless I'm doing Ashtanga yoga, I'm not tryin' to sweat. I'd rather be bundled beyond recognition than sweating.

So, sweating with the possibility of a bug crawling on me, IN MY OWN HOUSE? Oh, heck no.

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