Monday, December 29, 2008

Ever get the feeling...

...that you might be getting old? Ahem, me neither.

Well... Maybe.

Today as I pulled out a zip up sweatshirt thingy that I've had for, well, a long time, I realized.... I'm that old person who wears a completely out of style sweatshirt, because:

A. It's a perfectly good sweatshirt.
B. I can't afford a new cool sweatshirt.
C. It's comfortable and warm.
D. Dang it, I like this sweatshirt.

I remember being younger and wondering why on earth certain people would keep on wearing that? Seriously, I would think, have you shopped in this decade?

Now I get it. I'm sure they had perfectly good reasons. Probably one or more of A through D. Most likely, E.

E. All of the above.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

You've been warned...

This will be my no holds barred, anything goes, it's my party and I'll vent if I want to blog. I blog separately about my spiritual journey, I write letters to my daughter, and I keep friends and family from far and wide updated on Chloe's latest antics...

This blog will be my catch all. Stuff that doesn't fit into the aforementioned categories, and maybe a little overlap. This is where I plan to share those things I just HAFTA share. Things that I want to say and I don't care who I say them to, just so long as I can get it out! Ya know, the OHMIGOSH YOU"LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME AT THE whatever...

I have this desire to organize and categorize. Now, if you've seen my closets, you might say - "Really, now..." But I do. So I really want a separate space to write, where anything goes.

So... Welcome to my random rantings. I hope to entertain someone... Even if only myself.