Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I think I have SAD...

Seriously, I think I might have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I really don't care if I do any of the following things in the winter:
  • Clean my house
  • Take a shower more than about twice a week.  (Yes, I'm disgusting.  Be thankful you don't have to live with me.)
  • Get off the couch
  • Leave the house
This week as I have been cleaning like a wild banshee, and I'm realizing I suddenly care about the level of filth in this house.  I'm even a little horrified.  I did not feel this way last week.

 After all these years I'm beginning to think there may be a logical explanation for my winter lazies....

Now the real question....  Does the medicine come in grape flavor?


  1. hahaah, oh yes something I've been dealing with for years now. I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one who showers ONLY when I need to go somewhere in the winter. ;o)

    And sure enough, I get in a cleaning frenzy (spring cleaning, usually before it's actually spring...it must be my subconscious way of beckoning spring to come forward!) too and go crazy. I loooove cleaning out closets and drawers and cabinets...I'm not so fond of cleaning baseboards and crevices though.

    The meds do not come in grape flavor...unless you swallow them down with grape flavored soda or juice. LOL Just be glad it's *almost* over!!

  2. You're not alone, I deal with this, too. I'm really glad to know there are others who go through this.