Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Bible... And Hi! And An Update!

Anyone remember when I wrote this? Anyone remember the last time I wrote anything?

Yeah, me neither. Well, I wrote on my facebook tonight about not being tired, despite the fact that it was approaching midnight and I have class 2 hours from my house tomorrow at 9:30. That was over an hour ago.

Yep, four sentences in and I've already digressed.

I'm baaaaack....

Wait. Is it digressing if you haven't even gotten started with what you were going to say in the first place? Alright. To the point.

So anyway, if you didn't click the link, I wrote a blog post over three years ago, about writing in my Bible. I'm sure some consider it scandalous, but, well - I care a lot less about what some consider than I probably should. (Snark? check. I'm seriously back.)

That poor Bible that I had been writing in for some time three years ago, is still going just about everywhere with me. I'm underlining considerably less, but mostly because I've already underlined most of it. :D But the cover? And the binding? Oh my, my... Not looking so good. I had decided that I was going to get a new one, but I can't find what I want. (A cute parallel featuring The Amplified and NIV. Doesn't exist. Or I'd own it.) Even as I searched for what I wanted, part of me knew that I wouldn't be able to part with my little NIV that has all manner of chicken scratch, underlining, highlighting and other miscellaneous notations that will mean next to nothing to future generations. So this week I had a bright idea and I'm so excited, I'm staying up to ALL HOURS of the night to blog about it, despite the fact that class starts in eight and half hours and I have to drive two hours to get there. Not smart, I know. But I tried to sleep. It didn't work. What are ya gonna do?

So I came in to work the google and low and behold, what do I find? This. A website for a company that will rebind my priceless Bible for the low low price of $90! Um, WOOT! I'm sure I'll get suckered into some of the bells and whistles, and it will be more than that, but this is just the most exciting news since... Hm, since I don't know when, because there ain't been much exciting new round these here parts. So. Yay! Just had to share. Which brought me back to Must Share. My blog! Remember, Rachel? You have a blog!

Right! So Hi! How've ya'll been? I've missed you. If you are anyone, since truly - who reads a blog that no one writes on for stinkin' ever? I've thought about writing so much over the past... forstinkin'ever. Which brings me to the update portion of this blog post...

So much has happened since I last typed a real actual blog post. (Had to scroll down to see what it even was and Oh. My. Word. HUMDINGER! And I can't believe how timely it was for me to read that right now! God is so faithful and I trust that I will not be anymore tired than normal tomorrow, because as per usual God has me up at this crazy hour for a REASON. Thank you, Father! If you have a second, or more like 15 minutes, scroll down and read the Feb 8, 2011 post.)

So. A bullet list. Most likely incomplete. But here's what I've been up to....

~ I got a job. A real one. Where you have to go and stuff. Favorite job ever. Part time. Super fun. (I've descended into fragments. Not that my grammar is anything to brag about. Um, about which to brag. Or something. Yes, I majored in Language Arts. Thanks for noticing. )
~I've been homeschooling Chloe for preschool. Big surprise, I'm not much better at that than teaching seventh grader's science. The plan is for this to be the first and last year of homeschooling. Thank you Jesus, glory, hallelujah, amen.
~I've been training to do prayer ministry. AKA training to walk out my destiny. I suppose that is a blog post all in itself, but for the sake of catch up, I'm training to do something that looks a little like counseling, a lot like discipleship, and is completely focused on hearing from God. The coolest thing about it is that my job will be to depend on God to do my job for me. Ha! Yes, please.
~What else? Honestly, I don't think there has been much else. I rarely get to see friends, I almost never see the majority of my family. God asked me to shut down almost all social involvement in an effort to stay sane during this training phase. I'm thankful that this is a season, and praying that it doesn't last long.

I'm also praying I'll be back to these parts sooner than later.


Felt awesome.

Thanks for reading my silliness.