Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi, Would you kick me please? I can't seem to do it myself....

Do you ever want to undo something so so so so so bad. I do. It usually has to do with:

1. Losing things.
2. Forgetting things.
3. Not thinking something through.

I"m having one of those moments right now. A #2 with a #3 on the side. Oh, and can I super size that, please?

I want to kick myself real real hard.

I made food for Chloe yesterday. A lot of it. I'm transitioning her away from pureed foods to chunky foods and mostly trying to get her ready to start eating with us. To that end, I bought ground beef, ground chicken and ground turkey. I made cinnamon apple chicken (Sounds disgusting, I know, but she loves it . She may have to join Applesauce-a-holics anonymous.) I also made her some turkey and black bean chili. I haven't fed that to her yet, so we'll see how that goes over. If she doesn't like it, I'll just dip it in applesauce and she'll eat it. Neat, huh? I also made her spaghetti. Here are the steps I went through to make the spaghetti.

1.) Brown ground beef.
2.) Chop cooked ground beef in the food processor.
3.) Mix ground beef with pasta sauce.
4.) Cook pasta, which I was actually doing during step 1.
5.) Chop pasta in food processor.
6.) Mix pasta into meat sauce.
7.) Spoon into little dishes to freeze in portion sizes.
8.) Put into freezer.
9.) Once frozen, remove from containers and put into freezer bags.

Except that I dropped the ball on #9. I took it out of the freezer and set it on the counter. Then I watched TV. Then I went to bed.

Then when I got up this morning and saw it on the counter? Yeah - that's when my tummy started hurting and it hasn't stopped since.

I won't even tell you that the meat and sauce were organic and that beside the actually money I may as well have threw away, I wasted a lot of time and energy so I could then waste more time and energy throwing the food away instead of feeding it to my child.

I want to scream.

And I'm not sure why I'm admitting it to the world, except that maybe I'm hoping a confession will make my tummy feel better.

We'll see.

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  1. Mike has forgetful moments where he'll leave something out too...and it ends up in the trash because it sat out too long. It sucks...but it's *only* food. I know, EXPENSIVE food...but it's really nothing in the great scheme of things. We have to throw food out all the time ~ expired condiments, expired non-perishables...so give yourself a break. It happens. No use crying over spilled milk (which I used to get pretty upset over when it was almost $4 a gallon, LOL).
    Kroger has some sales on meat this week...check it out. And organic pasta sauce (Muir Glen ~ use your coupons!).