Thursday, March 19, 2009

Must Share...

I heart Works for me Wednesday.... I got a little overwhelmed for a while, mostly since I used to try to read through all ~300 posts in one sitting. Not that I read every one, but I scroll through all of them and read any that I think might be beneficial.

It's still really time consuming.

Anywho - I jumped back on the bandwagon this week and boy am I glad I did! I felt compelled to share a couple with you that really jumped out at me.

If you are like me, grocery shopping is in the top 5 of hated tasks. Especially now that I'm try to save lots of money.

I do this by:

Shopping the sales.

Clipping Coupons.

Only shopping once a month. (Occasionally I have to run for a few things, or a sale beckons me...)

Menu Planning. (I try. I normally fail, but I do try.)

Buying store brands.

Okay this list could get really long and I'm getting off the point.

I always have grand ideas, but if I don't write them down or implement them immediately, I forget. I do not heart mommy brain.

Check out this excellent tip that combines many of the grand ideas I've thought to do, but have never done, with my grocery list!

Also - if you love egg salad or deviled eggs, but hate peeling them...  Check out  this tip.  I'm going to give it a try!  I hope it works.


  1. Thanks for linking to me, Rachel! I hope my tips can make grocery shopping a little faster, easier, and more enjoyable!

  2. Oops...sorry...I think I commented on the wrong blog...but I love your Proverbs one too! :)