Thursday, April 16, 2009

One of those days...

I'm so tired of being stuck at the house...  My husband has been working more than usual the past few weeks, and it leaves me here with the Chlo-ster with no vehicle.  We're working on getting a second vehicle, but not fast enough for me...

Today I was planning to venture out for a few hours By. My. Self.  Then I got sucked in to the blogosphere, couldn't tear myself away and ended up sitting on the couch instead.  I squandered my opportunity to flit about in the sunshine while Chloe was taking her nap.  Big mistake.

I opted to drag her along in the afternoon instead.  Another big mistake.

When will I learn?

You see, I don't seem to possess the ability to get myself out the door in a timely fashion, let alone the both of us.  Long story short, I was just a ball of stress by the time I did make it out the door.  As I'm pulling away, I realize, it took me so long to get ready that I could have put her down for an afternoon nap and then left.  Since I thought of that once we were already packed up and on our way, I decided to just go.  After all, I'm sure Chloe is as sick of being pent up in the house as I am.

We had an enjoyable time shopping and managed to accomplish what we needed to do with little incident.  I can't say no incident, because there was the one small incident.

We were trying to find some shoes, so I had one of hers off.  I thought I had put it back on, but apparently I hadn't.  I must have left it in the cart with her, because I suddenly noticed it wasn't on her foot, it wasn't in the cart and I had no idea where it was.  I think she probably hucked it overboard, when I was ogling all the cute jammies...  Now, we were shopping for shoes (and having no luck finding anything, I should add) because she only has one pair that fit her.  The ones, make that one, that is on her foot.  So we took about 4 laps of Babies R Us, canvassing the store for the lost shoe.

We found it.  Thanks be to God.

And that was the only pair of shoes we left with.  Humpf.

By the time I got home, my lower back was killing me.  I need a massage, 911.  When hubby was helping us into the house, he let Kiley (our rebel without a cause 11 year old English Setter) out and we forgot about her.  This is a mistake.  Two hours later, she showed up in dire need of a bath.  Poor hubby had to give his 3rd dog bath of the week.  Sidney, (our sweeter than pie 10 year old English Setter) has been finding plenty of smelly stuff to roll in...  She's had two of the three baths.

I think I'm going to bed early tonight.  Maybe right now.

Nighty night!

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  1. We have Guiseppe for the next 7 days and of course Ben has yet to fix the fence. She brought him over without a collar! I swear to God if this dog runs away It's Not. My. Fault!