Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Massage is a Terrible Thing to Waste....

But that's precisely what I did last week...  Well, if I'm being honest, it was all Chloe's fault.  I know better than to waste such a wonderful treat.  I had been saving that certificate since Christmas.  Finally, I got the chance to use it, and of all the nights Chloe could pick to pull an all nighter.... 


Oh well, what can you do?  Oh - I know - get another one. 

Yeah, right.

In other exciting news, I FINALLY got a car!!!  Woo-hoo!  We were able to get a great deal on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I'm very happy.  I could kick myself in the hiney for letting my old one go, but as they say hiney sight is twenty-twenty.

Or something like that.

Has anyone else been following the bloggers that are in Kolkata (Calcutta)?  Well, I have.  Let's just say, I seem to have malfunctioning tear ducts...  They are most certainly on the fritz.  I'm unable to control them when reading things like this and this...

Angie, one of my very favoritist bloggers, is on the trip and I was so excited to follow her and see how India impacted her.  She doesn't love the flying, so between that, the heat and reading this post by Pete, I was fairly concerned about her.  I was so relieved to read this post and see that huge beautiful smile on her face.

I've been thinking about sponsoring another Compassion child for quite a while, and all this reading has really had it at the forefront of my mind this week.  Times are tough, in case you haven't heard, and it didn't seem like the best time to be asking my husband to commit to feeding anyone else.  It's funny how God works though...  Last night at dinner, my husband started a conversation that resulted in us deciding to sponsor at least one more Compassion child. 

Consider joining us, and sponsoring a sweet adorable little (or big) child yourself.  

Oh. My. Word.  Chloe is in her bed for the night and I can hear her through the wall blowing the loudest, wettest raspberries I've ever heard.  Do you see what I have to deal with?  She's not upset, and she'll eventually go to sleep, so it's really no big deal, but Daddy and I sure are getting a giggle out of it...

And on that silly note, I will say adios.  


  1. Oh noooo not a wasted massage! That seriously borderlines on tragic. =/ I hope you do end up getting to have another one soon after all...

  2. Yay! A car! Yay! Jumping up and down with you!!!!