Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Never Better!


I think that's what the title of tonight's Lost episode should have been. I know that's how I'm feeling about Lost right now! Never better!

The moment we finally saw who most recently beat the mess out of Ben, the moment my suspicions were confirmed that it was, in fact, Desmond who beat the mess out of Ben, the moment I could sigh my big sigh of relief that Penny was, in fact, alive, thanks to Desmond being the one who beat the mess out of Ben, that is when I said:

I could be done watching Lost right now and be totally fine with it. With all the mystery that remains, and oh, you know there's plenty of mystery that remains. I don't care 1.)Who/what the smoke monster is. 2.) What all the whispering is. 3.) If they ever get back to the future. And so many other things.... I'm just so happy that Desmond and Penny are both still alive and that for once Ben was unsuccessful in carrying out his RUTHLESS mission.

Never better.

Before that happened, I was super excited about all the information that was being revealed!  The Smoke Monster potentially being the judge?  That's cool, right?  Except at that moment, we are faced with the decision of whether or not to believe Benjamin Linus.  I mean, really, has the man ever uttered an ounce of truth?  Maybe by accident.  For a minute, I was thinking that the smoke monster was responsible for removing people who are not supposed to be on the island, and that that was why Ben was unleashing the beast, so it could get rid of the random people on the other island.  But then moments later, I realize it is within the realm of possibility for Ben to speak the truth.  Now the question remains, will he do what he promised?  One other question.  What is with this sociopath's weakness for children?  I mean thank heaven he has a compassionate bone in his body, but really - who knew?

Speaking of bones in his body, I thought it was hilarious when he fell and John asked him if he was alright and he, of course said, 

Never Better!

Love it.

I definitely think tonight's episode was one of the best.  Maybe ever.

What did you think?


  1. Loved your "summon the SM by essentially flushing a toilet" comment on Shannon's blog.

    Honestly, after lagging a bit through season 3, my interest has picked up again. Good stuff happening.

  2. OK, so I had to pop over and see what you had to say, just by reading your comment over at RIMD

    "I thought it was awesome that what "summoned" the SM was essentially the flushing of a toilet. Neat."

    I laughed out loud.

    So don't throw Dharma canned goods at me, but it wasn't one of my faves. *ducking*

    It did bring up some interesting thoughts and conclusions along the way, recap is up if you want to pop over in my world sometime.

    Looking forward to my Sawyer, Miles, and Hurley fix next week. WOOT!

  3. hehehe Your comment at Rocks in my Dryer about the toilet was hilarious... though keep in mind, the summoning was ineffective, so maybe the toilet was still clogged after all. :P

    I'm pretty sure Ben wanted to apologize to Desmond for the shooting too -- I was right with you in being happy Penny is alive!!

    I have a whole interpretation about the smoke monster tying in with the hieroglyphics... You should let me know what you think!

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog... :)

  4. New to your site, and I can understand how you could stop watching. Out of the last 5 episodes 2 have been good, #10 & #12, as far as I'm concerned.

    The writers have been dragging us viewers all over the place into various time zones and what have you. And I'm like you, think Des & Penny are a ray of sunshine in the sometimes depressing storyline. Des is my favorite character and I think his episodes have been some of the best ones.

    I think now the writers are going to have to start answering more questions, and give our minds some closure on some ideas. Otherwise it can be difficult keeping up with all the stuff that goes on.

    A lot things fly past me sometime that happen on the show (didn't see it until 12:00 a.m -- getting sleepy) you mentioning the
    "toilet flushing" to summon the smoke beast!
    All & all though, I think it's one of my favorite shows of all time. It does make me think. Good to hear your take & others.

  5. I have a theory (thanks to my hubby).... the resurrected John Locke, IS the monster, just like Yemi, Alex, and Christian Shepherd. The monster uses bodies apparently....

    I wrote about it here: