Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Top 8 - Updated

*See bottom for update....
I must say first - was or was not Megan Joy's exit the most obnoxious in Idol history?  I will not be missing her tonight.  At all.  

And don't even get me started on Lady Gaga.  Seriously, what?  I don't know what was more shocking, the atrocious singing or the atrocious attire. 

Alright, maybe I shouldn't hand out fashion advice, since I didn't even bother to dress myself until 5:00 PM.  

Moving on.

The oldest contestant was born in 1980?  So this is the view from the other side of the hill, huh?


Danny Gokey - Stand By Me

I'm feeling a little underwhelmed by this one.  I've never heard this version of the song.  I don't know what it is, but familiarity makes  a huge difference for me.  Yes, Randy - I'm not a fan of the arrangement either.

Kris Allen - All She Wants To Do is Dance

What is this song choice?  I see he stole Matt's idea of being in the crowd from last week.  Zero points for originality.  I'm totally bored with this performance.  I wish he didn't do such strange things with his mouth.  That is muy annoying.  I was going to say that he's a new favorite of mine, but after that - I won't be saying that.  You were this close, Kris.  This. Close.

Did Paula just say that his quiet faith is heartfelt and genuine?  I had heard he was a worship leader.  Okay - I do like that...  

Indulgent, boring, forgettable and stupid song choice.  I don't know about indulgent, but the rest I would have to agree with 100%.

Oh good, the real story behind Lil's name.  Ha!  Take that Simon.  Get a clue.  Just because other black people use lil in their names as slang for little, doesn't mean you should assume anything about Lil Rounds.  You do know what they say about assuming, right?  I'd say you confirmed that.  Turkey.

Lil Rounds (short for.... nothing.  Her name is Lil.  Named to honor her grandmother. Love that!) What's Love Got To Do With It

This could be good, folks.  Come on, Lil.  Show us what you got!  Did she forget the words?  The chorus is redeeming that first verse.  Hmm...  I'll tell ya, she had the opportunity to blow me away with this one, and she didn't.  What is going on?  Uh oh - Paula is starting with the outfit. Not good.  Wrap it up, Paula.  I agree, Simon.  Where did Lil go?  I suppose this happens sometimes, people come off as AMAZING during Hollywood week, but when it really matters they fall short.  Lil has fallen and she can't get up.  Shame.  Every week she says "If America, bla bla bla.  I'm over it.  No more second chances, Lil.

Anoop (You little cutie, you!) True Colors

Seriously?  Oi.  I wonder if he had to thumb wrestle Scott for it?  Okay - it's not horrible.  He's actually doing some nice stuff with it.  Nice falsetto.  I wonder if contestants take it as a compliment when Randy says, "dude, you can actually sing!";  as if he's yet to hear him carry a tune or something?  I'm guessing, ah - no.  Oh Simon, I don't know that you should have encouraged the rudeness.  I thought his little apology was nice.

Scott McIntyre - The Search Is Over

First, the hair looks much better.  Good thing because the singing?  Well, let's be real.  The singing was horrendous.  Neat trick, Kara.  Using the abbreviated form of awful.  Off.  Well - at least Simon will say it how it is.  You just wait.  Screechy, yes.  And don't forget - out of tune. Thank you, Simon.  He needed to hear it, so if given the choice, he doesn't do it again.  Eek. And thank you music for cutting off the talk back. Gah!

Allison - I Can't Make You Love Me  (aka the most over sung song in Idol history.  Retire it already.  Please.)

She is doing a bang up job,  I gotta say.  I love the richness of her voice.  The maturity of her voice blows me away every time I hear her.  Crazy good.  Thank you, Randy, for finally saying what has been obvious from day 1!  The similarities between her and Kelly Clarkson are almost eerie.  

Matt - Part Time Lover

How does he think it's a good idea to sing Stevie and not play piano?  This better be good. Whew.  Matt's got some dance skillz!    Guess you can't show case that from behind the piano. Incredible.  Wow, the judges are falling all over themselves.  

Which means, Adam must be amazing if he's even better than that.  I'm so excited!

AND MY TIVO CUT IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't get my mouth to close.  

Note to self.


Never watch American Idol on the TiVo again.  It is technology and cannot be trusted. Watch it live. 

Much love, 

In my frantic search of the Internet for some small sampling of Adam's performance I find this:

Oh snap, standing O from Simon!!!!!!!!! That's riiiighhttt.


The good news is my mouth finally closed.  Good thing, so I can sob silently.


Click here to find more Idol recaps.  But BooMama missed Adam, too.  My guess is she cried less than me.

PS - Let the record state that I didn't really cry.  Adam and I have one thing in common, we are both shameless drama queens.  There, I said it.

*Update -
Thanks to an Angel by the name of Jeannie, I was able to see Adam's performance. In an unforeseen twist of fate, I didn't love it. It was amazing, but I didn't know the song and well, you know how that goes.  Simon loved it, though.  And we all know that's really all that matters.

Thanks again, Jeannie!  If I had anything of value, I'd put you in my will!  ;)


  1. Yes, I am so glad I watched it live tonight. I wondered about Lil's name and loved they shared the story!

    Bye bye, Scott, I'm afraid.

  2. Yeah, Megan's exit was quite...um...pathetic.

  3. Megan sealed the deal - glad she is gone! Scott is in SERIOUS trouble. I was glad that Anoop apologized for his behavior - classy! Now if we could just get Paula to sit there and BE QUIET!