Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mommy Gasp...

I guess it's not reserved just for mommies, but if I was a betting man, I'd say mommies hog it most of the time.  You know the gasp I'm talking about, right?  The one that you can't help yourself from doing when something unexpectedly jumps out in front of your car.  The 'my life and the lives of all of my friends and family members that are traveling with me just flashed before my very eyes, no time for the montage, just a flash' sort of gasp.  Are you with me?  

Well, despite the fact that I try real hard not to do that gasp in front of Chloe, for fear of making her, well, a basket case, I had occasion to do it twice today.

She almost took a header off the changing table this afternoon.  The only reason she didn't is because I caught her by the legs, in mid air, thankyouverymuch.  While gasping.  Turns out I can multi-task.  Who knew?   The funny part is after she had a brief 'that scared the bejeepers out of me' cry, she leaned toward the edge she had just very nearly plummeted off, and gave it a "ah na na!"  As if to say, how dare!?  

Gravity is a fickle friend.

Then, just an hour later we were upstairs playing.  Sidney, the ball obsessed English Setter of the family, was pestering us with the tennis ball.  Lately, Chloe has been playing with Sid, and while she isn't the best fetch partner, Sidney has been tolerating it as she is better than no fetch partner.  Chloe had lost interest so she was in the middle of the living room floor and I had thrown the ball for Sid.  She spun the opposite way I anticipated, and not watching where she was going, proceeded to plow Chloe over like a lone bowling pin...  



She wasn't hurt, and honestly had I not gasped, she may have shook it off a little easier.  She was fine and within about five seconds had forgotten all about it.  


I firmly believe that making a habit of that gasp teaches kids to cry when they fall or trip or whatever else.  I think the gasping scares them way more than whatever caused the gasp in the first place.  Sometimes it's easy to control and sometimes, there's just no stopping it.  

Here's hoping for a gasp free day tomorrow.

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  1. I don't think I've ever "gasped" out loud. LOL I think I do more of a "oh CRAP" but you can substitute that crap for other colorful words.
    My mom was never a gasper maybe that's why I don't gasp. LOL Gasp, what a word...and look, I've turned it from a verb to a noun! You gasper, you!