Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol History Has Been Made....

And I'm not about to miss a chance to be a part of this historic moment.

First, let me just say - this wasn't how I expected the save to go down, but that being said....

Yay!  They saved Matt!  I think it was a smart move, honestly.  I think Lil should have been the one to go.  I know Matt has lacked consistency, and I agree that he can't win the competition. But if they keep him around longer, he may have a better chance of having a successful career.

I'll just say it now.  I'll be pretty shocked if Adam doesn't win it.  If you're looking for the best singer?  It's Adam.  If you're looking for the best performer?  It's Adam.  I think he is the most consistent contestant, and well, I love him.  Like a brother.  A super talented, make-up wearing brother who I love unconditionally.

Now - I won't be mad if Danny wins, in fact I was under the impression he was my favorite when this whole thing started.  But now, for reasons listed in the previous paragraph, I have to say Adam, my brother, is my favorite.

Kris is another one to look out for.  I thought he was inconsequential at the beginning, probably because American Idol, for some strange reason, wanted us to think he was inconsequential.  Isn't he the one that was never featured in the auditions until he made it to the top 36?  Either way, I don't remember him.   I didn't love him at first, but I'll admit he is growing on me like a very persistent fungus.  (I mean that in the most endearing way, Kris.  You'd have to know me....)  So if he wins, I won't cry.

I'd say any or all three of these boys could be coming to an event center near you.  Once they're done with that pesky American Idol tour.  You know, the one that they hopefully get paid A TON OF MONEY to go on, since it no doubt costs them A TON OF MONEY to go on, since over half of the 18 trillion people who voted for the winner can't remember where they know that name from once they finally get a chance to cut and sell their album.  I mean , seriously, people. Someone should do something about that.  I think getting out of the tour should be part of the prize pack they get for winning the whole shootin' match.  I'm just sayin'.

Next week, in case you missed it, is Disco Week.  Oh, the humanity.

And does anyone else have a headache after that Miley Cyrus or Hannah Whoever performance?  I think if I'd closed my eyes, it would have been fine.  But her attempt to remove her bobby pins just from shaking her head?  Great Scott.  I thought I had been teleported back to the 80's. Good Glavin.

So there you go.  Two Idol posts for the price of one this week.

This was American Idol.   


Rachel, out.


  1. I love your reviews and I'm now subscribing to your blog! :)

    I think Kris overtook Danny as my runner-up this week. I'm with you though, Adam is by far the most talented, regardless of whether or not you like his style.

  2. I totally agree that Lil should have been the one to go. I don't think Matt will win, but I like him a lot better than Lil. But Kris - oooh, yes, he has definitely grown on me. Love him!

  3. I totally agree with ya.....glad they saved Matt for another few weeks. He def deserves to stay longer than Lil (and even Anoop, cause I just can't watch that guy)! Danny is still my fav but I think you may be right in Adam winning the whole thing. Which is ok cause he can sing and performance but I CRINGE to think what kind of album he will put out. I prob will NOT even THINK about buying it!!!! :D Ha! Enjoy your weekend, hope you're getting some SUN and FUN! :)