Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keep It Simple

Something has been brewing for awhile... It's so interesting to me how far the pendulum can swing when it comes to my relationship with the Lord. I'll just go ahead and be honest here.

I'm lazy.

And I hate it.

I go for long periods where I am focusing on God and seeking His face regularly. And then I get lazy. And then things go downhill. Fast.

Lately, God has been revealing some things to me. He is simplifying and streamlining some things that I was making more difficult than they needed to be. No wonder I was having a hard time with it! Prayer equals praise. Okay, got it. God's will for my life? Too big picture. Important, yes. But not for me to know and understand and dwell on. (Ahem. Control.) Staying in step with Holy Spirit minute by minute is more important and, though hard, truly way more doable.

Think of a road map. If you live in Michigan, you can pull out your poster sized mitten map. If I want to get from the Mid-Michigan area, to say, the Mackinaw Bridge, it's a long hike. At least a 4 hour drive. When we leave our driveway, I'm not going to be focusing on northern Michigan. I will direct my attention on the map to where I will be immediately. First go here, then go there. To stare at the destination would not be the best use of my time. The longer I stare (or obsess over or fret about) the destination, the longer it will take me to get there. It's so much smarter to take baby steps, and enjoy the journey.

So that's where I'm at. Trying to slow it down and not think so hard and just enjoy the presence of God while I'm doing laundry. What is the benefit in making something WAY more complicated than it has to be? I'm looking back at all the stressing and fretting I've been doing my whole life, worrying about the big picture, the whole map, and I'm not seeing where it ever did me any favors.

Where are you headed and how can you simplify?

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  1. Wow really needed to hear that!!! Thank you.

    Lindsay :)