Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

My bestie and I got some quality time out together last week. We thought about doing dinner and a movie, but there was nothing we were dying to see. We were going to head to the mall after the delightful middle eastern dinner, but as we drove past the Salvation Army, it was as though a magnetic force field was drawing us into the aisle upon aisle of rejected, decades old fashion. It didn't even occur to us to fight it.

In we went.

Oh my word.

We had so much fun, it was ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. One of the highlights was when I tried on this homemade house dress circa 1970. It smelled funky, but I powered through for the comedic value of modeling it. As I took it off, (it fit me like a glove, by the way) I noticed the atrocious arm pit stains. Yikes! I'm pretty sure it came straight from some dear deceased granny's closet. Do not pass go, do not stop in the laundry room, go straight to the Salvation Army.

The things I'll do for a laugh...

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