Monday, August 9, 2010

Low Carb And Loathing It

I've been on my low card diet for about ten hours. The first six hours I was sleeping, so that was pretty easy. Once I got up and ran TWO MILES, it got a little harder. I had scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast and now I'm sitting here trying not to think about the toast I didn't eat and the juice I didn't drink.

I'm planning to eat a turkey sandwich on lettuce leaves for lunch. I bought sunflower seeds for snacking. I'm taking dinner to book club tonight, and I'm making sloppy joes. They are kind of sweet, so I guess my carb consumption will take place at the dinner hour. Maybe I'll jus tuse half of a bun.

I'm not crazy enough to think that I can go completely carb free, but if I can cut them down considerably I will be very impressed. I've never truly dieted, so this is uncharted territory for Madame Eats A Ton.

My goal is to lose ten pounds by 10-10-10.

Clever, I know.

Since The Hubster lost forty pounds while doing South Beach, I figured that might be a good place to start. I'm not looking forward to it. Feel free to pray for me.

And pass along your low carb diet survival tips. What did you eat for breakfast? What did you snack on? I don't mind eating meat and veggies for lunch and dinner, but eggs will get old for breakfast. I welcome your suggestions!


  1. Me too! Me too! Hopefully something new will give this ol' Weight Watcher a kick in the pants!! Viva la EGGS!!

  2. I'm not a fan of low-carb. I did it and lost 16 pounds in no time...but as soon as I introduced carbs again it ran back to my body even faster (I did it while working with a doctor so it was all medically supervised and I pee'd on those strips to make sure my body was in ketosis).
    South Beach is good, in theory, if you can live like that. After all, it really comes down to how you will forever eat because even if you diet and lose weight because you cut out certain foods and then gain the weight back, what good was that?
    I really truly believe it is all about eating in moderation and cutting back on certain foods, as opposed to eliminating them. I've maintained my weight loss thus far (for the most part) and I eat like a cow (at least I feel like I do). I have a LOT more weight to lose but until I start exercising and actually restricting the amount I eat, I won't lose it. But I am eating different foods now and not craving the junk as much (i.e. cookies, cake, cinnamon buns, LOL). For me, cutting back sugar is the biggest thing. And yes, carbs are sugar...but I'm talking processed sugar. I think eating fruit and a bit of natural sugar (like honey and agave nectar when necessary) is fine.
    Anyway, I know you know all this good maybe I just repeat it to make myself feel good, hahaha...or to remind myself exactly why I cut down the sugar. LOL I sure feel a lot better!! :o)
    Oh, and low-carb and exercising is dangerous...for me, anyway. I'd get really nauseous when I ate low-carb and then did exercise longer than ten minutes. Feeling like I was going to pass out and/or puke was not working well for me. So be careful!
    Why not join the Biggest Loser contest?? I know you made a joke about not being able to do it...but at the least it will keep you motivated and a bit competitive. :o) I'm going to do it...but not because I think I can lose 40 pounds in four months...just to keep some sort of motivation and accountability. :o) I have no intentions of winning...and I'll be delighted if I lose 20 lbs in that time. C'mon girl, you should join! AND...what about doing Shawny's fitness life group at TFC on Monday evenings or Wednesdays (mornings, I think?)??? Mike and I are going tonight (I think!)...see how badly we get our butts kicked. LOL

  3. Oh forgot to mention...I ate a lot of eggs while low-carbing. Omelets were my thing...with lots of veggies like mushrooms, peppers, and onions. :o) It sure does get old...but I didn't think eating sausage or ham everyday was healthy either. LOL Doesn't the south beach book have recipes for all that? I recall when we did South Beach that we had recipes and we were always making stuff from the back of the book. I loaned my book out and never got it back (grr) so I can't tell ya off hand what we really liked. I know we made a fudgsicle/peanut butter thing that was really delicious for dessert!! LOL