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Works for Me Wednesday - The Ultimate Crib Sheet

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Listen, friends. The irony is not lost on me that last week, I shared what was working for us with potty training. But this week, I can share with you what is not working. Little Miss Chloe has decided that she is too lazy, or busy or bratty to be bothered with putting her potty in the toilet when we are at home. When we're out and about, no problem. I probably ask her about it more, especially now that a little smidgey of paranoia has started to creep in... She had been doing so well for a month. A MONTH, PEOPLE. So I had gotten very lax about asking her while we were at home. She would always tell me. Especially in the morning. She would say, "Mom - Imma potty!" I'd hear her over the monitor, spring out of bed wondering what day it was and everyone lived happily ever after.

Then I went on a Mommy's Weekend. A long, fun, GLORIOUS Mommy's weekend. I want to believe the timing was purely coincidental, but I'm just not sure. Regardless, she hasn't been doing so hot ever since...

Once upon a time, when Chloe was a tiny baby, also known as seventeen seconds ago, a friend recommended the Ultimate Crib Sheet. Come to think of it, I think I was still pregnant, and had no clue about half of the baby contraptions and paraphernalia. Anyway, I bought the thing and totally didn't understand how to use it.

Short aside: I wonder if it was the hormones? I am a smart person. Now that I'm finally using it, 2 years later, I can't figure out for the life of me why I never used it when she was younger, but I distinctly remember being confused about how it worked. Buy it. Use it. Then laugh at me for my inability to use the most simple and useful thing in my nursery.

Back to it... So, Chloe started having accidents and I remembered this sheet protector type thing and got it out.

It is the easiest thing ever. Still shaking my head about my dunceyness.... It is a water proof sheet that snaps onto the spindles of the crib. That way, when there is an accident, wetness from a diaper, spit up or in our case, a potty accident; we just unsnap the sheet and the bed is alreay made underneath. All that has to be washed is this one easy to remove sheet. It's genius!

Check it out.

The other thing that has worked is a sticker chart, if you call a blank piece of paper with 'Chloe's Potty Chart' written in crayon across the top a sticker chart, that is. (Crafty, I am not.) She gets to put a sticker on the chart every time she uses the potty when we are at home. It has actually helped a lot. She's only had a couple of accidents since we made it. It had become apparent that something needed to be done, and I refuse to bribe my child with candy until she's 25. Stickers, fine. It's working, so I guess that's the point.

What did you do when your child had set backs after doing really well for a long time?

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