Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Now. I use that word a lot. I want what I want and I want it now. But lately, I've been thinking about now in a different way. As I move through the stages of parenting, (are there stages of parenting or am I completely making that up?) I realize how hard now is.

Chloe is our first child, so every stage is new. I don't know what to expect, and the unknown is not my favorite. When she was born, everything changed. I knew it would, but it was still a shock. I know now, what I didn't know then, that I was depressed on some level, so I'm sure that factors in, but having a newborn seemed really hard. Really, really hard. Nursing was hard. Getting up in the night was hard. Staying home because it was too hard to go anywhere was hard. Eventually, that passed.

When she started crawling, that was hard. I could no longer turn my back for a second. Many things needed to be safety-fied in our house of death. When she started walking, that brought on new challenges. I always thought it was so hard with her not talking. Until she started talking. Then when she got to the point where she felt like she could sufficiently communicate her wants and needs, yet I was still less than fluent in Chloe - that was even harder.

My point in all of this is that whatever is going on right now seems to be the hardest part in parenting. The challenges today, running away from me, not eating, telling me no 17,532 times a day, etc. etc., make nursing a baby that slept most of the day seem like nothing! It has made me realize that the stage that you are in, no matter who you are or what stage that might be, is the hardest. Now is the hardest.

I can't speak for anything beyond two years old. I hope at some point I will be able to say that the worst is finally behind me, but I have this funny feeling that now will continue to be hard for various reasons for many years to come.

Where are you now? If you have survived the young years, what do you think was the hardest? If you're still in the thick of it, what is your biggest frustration right now?


  1. Those younger years were DEFINITELY the hardest (for us). I feel like it's cake now. Two very self-sufficient children who entertain themselves, feed themselves (and clean up the mess), know how to wipe themselves, and even will put themselves to bed when they're feeling tired (well, not always Dom, LOL).

    Physically, it was WAY harder THEN. Emotionally, I imagine it will be harder LATER. Then ya gotta worry if you taught them all you could and should have while they were young so they can make good decisions in the presence of temptation.

    I think my kids' ages are the best right now...not quite teens...still think Mom knows EVERYTHING (and trust her completely)...still wanna snuggle and be with Mom all the time. Like going to the store with Mom. To the movies with Mom. Out to eat with Mom. MOM RULES THEIR WORLD and they LOVE IT! LOL So it's easy for me. I have a feeling that could change (just a little, LOL) in a few years. So I'm trying to enjoy this phase as much as possible.

    IT WILL GET EASIER...I stand by that. Little kids are HARD. Once you make it past 3, it's just easier. Period. I promise. LOL

  2. I agree that whatever your NOW is...is where your challenges are! Well written! I don't know how many times I've said or heard someone say "Well, yeah, your baby might be up all night...but wait until you get to pottytraining." We often perceive our situation is far worse than that of anyone else's...because that's the way it FEELS. Other people make things that take effort for us to accomplish look so easy. I know I spend far too much time looking into when things are "easier" and not enjoying today! How's that for random babbling??