Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kiley, The Elderly English Setter, Strikes Again

From the very beginning, our oldest dog has been a handful. I guess when the breeders named her Sassy, that should have been a clue. Now don't get me wrong, she truly is a great dog. And cuter than a bug's ear. But that dog? She has been a handful.

When she was only a couple of years old, she jumped two fences and went in the neighbor's doggie door. At 2 am. Thankfully, they were friends, dog sitters, the above mentioned breeders and my boss and his wife. It's a lot funnier now than it was then...

She has always been a runner. English Setters are bird dogs and they are born hunters, so this is not entirely her fault, but her sweet little sister (same mom and dad, different litter) manages to stay home, so part of it is definitely temperament.

She loves to steal stuff off the counter. Once, she ate a pound of Mackinaw Island Fudge. Okay, that would make me sick. She mostly has a stomach of steel, but she once swiped a chocolate cake off the counter that resulted in an overnight emergency vet stay and I won't even tell you what that cost us. Let's just say if I had that money back, I wouldn't be looking for a job...

Speaking of swiping food off the counter... Just a few weeks ago she took off on on of her adventures and when she came home, she was carrying a loaf of bread! Not our bread, either. I have no idea where it came from.... It's a long way to the grocery store, so I'm guessing a neighbor was missing a loaf of bread. Unbelievable.

A couple nights ago, I go to let her in the back door and she has the skull of a deer in her mouth. And thought she would go ahead and bring it into the house! Um, yeah... NO.

That brings me to the attempted murder today. I took off for my daily run and let the pooches come along. When we got out to the track, I saw that the neighbors guinea were in our yard. I probably should have tried a little harder to call the dogs off, but I thought the birds would, ya know... FLY AWAY. They went the opposite way that I did and I decided to let nature take it's course. Bad idea. I get around the track and head back to the house. As I'm running up through the yard, I see one of the birds in the yard. Alive, but unable to move. Awesome. I get up to the garage where The Hubster is working and let him know. I later find out that he knew, since Kiley was trying to bring IT into the house, too. When I was done with my run, the bird was gone so I come find Hubs to see what the verdict was. Apparently, it was just suffering from the upside down turtle syndrome. Once he flipped it over, it took off. I'm hoping it went back and shared with it's little friends the top 10 reasons to STAY OUT OF OUR YARD. I guess we'll see...

What is the craziest thing your pet has ever done?

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