Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uncle Matt + BB Gun = Bye Bye Batty Batterson

Last night was a much needed and anticipated Girl's Night Out.  Great food, great friends, and a great movie.  It was just what I needed.

While Momma was away, Daddy and Uncle Matt had a little excitement.  It would seem that we've had a bat living in (on?) our front porch light fixture.  One night, I was letting the dogs out and my brother (Uncle Matt) was behind me and saw something swoop past my head.  I had no idea, so the neighbors were not awakened by a blood curdling scream.  Not that they probably would have cared, since I hollered like I was being murdered in the last 30 seconds of birthing my baby at home and the cops never showed up.  Apparently, they are some heavy sleepers, our neighbors.

I digress.

There have been, shall we say, droppings, under that fixture and we couldn't figure out what the story was.  Don't bats party at night and sleep all day?  That's what we thought, so we found it perplexing that the make-shift Bat Motel was always vacant during the day.  Daddy has gotten the fly by treatment a couple of times too, so apparently we have a bat that has his days and nights mixed up.  Or should I say had...

So while Momma was out enjoying adult conversation, (that all too often is about kids, but at least not with kids), and the greatest Macaroni and Cheese than can be found within a 500 million mile radius of this fine solar system, Daddy and Uncle Matt went bat hunting.

Okay, that's definitely making it seem more dramatic and exciting than it actually was.  I do that sometimes.  Okay, all the time.

Daddy goes to let the dogs out, looks over at the light fixture, sure as the world, Batty Batterson is dangling in all his upside down glory.  

At this point, they began to plan the demise of Batty Batterson.

Apparently, Uncle Matt is a pretty good shot with the BB Gun.

While I'm glad I wasn't here for the execution, I am a little sad that I missed the perfect opportunity to say to my brother - "You'll shoot your eye out!"

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