Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why I'd Make A Perfect Hermit

I really struggled to get myself out the door, before I had a child.  Now?  Oh. My. Word.

It's just easier to stay home.

I wouldn't call myself a morning person, but I am more motivated first thing in the morning.  If I don't get out early, I only have about a 20% chance of getting out at all.  It's really kind of sad.

The other day, I really needed to go to the grocery store.  I mean really.  When you have a 16 month old and the answer to Got Milk is no?  You go to the store.

Plus, I forgot to cancel my subscription to The Grocery Game before it billed me A LOT OF DOLLARS, so I need to maximize my stock pilling over the next several weeks, to make up for it.

So we get up.  Chloe has her breakfast.  The plan is to get out the door ASAP.  I opt to go with a fast getaway, rather than looking cute.  I'm fairly certain, I'll see 17 people I know, as a result of that choice.  Whatever.

I have multiple stops to make.  I bring lots of water and goldfish crackers.

I have to print the grocery game lists.  I can't get my coupons to print.  I need to pack a cooler, so I can hit more than one grocery store.

Where is her hat?


Where is my purse?


Where is her other shoe?

Only God knows.

I'm sweating by this point. (Accidentally typed swearing, which is of course not true.  Ahem.)

Why are we doing this again?  

Right.  Milk.

I may have to buy something a bit stronger...

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