Friday, August 21, 2009

I've Got The Power

Of life and death, you know... In my words.

Proverbs 18:21
The tongue has the
power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Are you tracking with me?

This post, by one of my old pastors, has me thinking, dear friends. That and my brother. He's got me thinking, too. My brother has been staying with us for a couple of months. He is trying to find a job, but not having a lot of luck. He helps us a lot around the house and in the yard, to earn his keep. He has been absolutely wonderful. Who knew my house could be so clean? I surely didn't.

I've noticed something about my 22 year old brother. He rarely, if ever, complains. He is so incredibly gracious and appreciative and springs into action as soon we ask him to do something. He is bored, broke, frustrated and I'm sure, at times, wishing he didn't have a 16 month old for a roommate. But he doesn't complain about any of those things.

I need to learn from that. I am learning from that. I tend to be a bit of a complainer, I'm ashamed to admit. I don't put it on my to do list, it just seems to happen.

From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45 Ugh. One of my many internal malfunctions.

I love what Craig said, "When I complain, it reveals that I believe that things should be different than they are."

I had never thought about that... Like I'm entitled to better weather, or something, right?

So, I'm ready to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Whenever I complain, whether to myself or someone else, I plan to turn it around. I have found when I have been working on cleaning up my language, (yes I come from a LONG line of potty mouths, and that stuff runs deep.) correcting myself immediately and out loud is the fastest way to turn it around. I expect that it will work similarly, when trying to focus on the positive and vocalize my gratitude instead of my complaints.

Wish me luck! Better yet, pray that God would change my heart because seriously, from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Lord, change my heart and help me to be intentional about using the power of words for blessing and lifting others up and ultimately bringing glory to Your Name!

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