Monday, June 23, 2014

4 Things That I Must Share...

I've noticed lately that many of the blog posts being shared are a certain number of things about whatever random topic. For instance,

13 Lessons From...

3 Intentional Ways to....

8 Conversations To Have With...

And so on, and so on, and on. It seems to me there was a class about blogging that I missed called, Writing Posts With Numbers!  Now, with even more Numbers!!  I didn't get invited to the class, but I catch on quick, so I will now join in.

1.  Since sleep has been such a topic of conversation around here, it seems only fitting that I would share that I ACTUALLY SLEPT FROM 11:00 PM to 5:30 AM!  Except for when I dreamed (I think?!?) that Chloe was calling me and I woke up trying to decide if I dreamed it or not.  I was able to fall back to sleep rather quickly, thank you, Jesus, Amen.  I dare not assume it could be the new normal, because, like I said about Murphy and his super annoying law...  But the night before last, my boy slept a decent stretch, not quite that long, but I was up with a terrible headache. I literally laid there awake for 3 hours while he didn't so much as budge or make a peep. I would lament the unfairness of life, etc.  But, I have received the memo about life NOT being fair. Several times, in fact.

 I am a mom, after all.

2.  I am on a quest for new, delicious, summery recipes.  You know, to replace all the soups and chili and steamy casseroles that have no business on my dinner table June through August.  Please feel free to put links in the comments here, or on facebook.  I have been making more salads and lighter things, so I'm on my way, but your help would be greatly appreciated.  I'll share a couple of my new favorites on the blog in the coming weeks.

3. We are in the very early stages of planning a Disney trip. I can think of many, many other vacations I would prefer to go on, (Hawaii?  Barbados? Tahiti, anyone?) but I definitely want to get Chloe down to Princessville while she is still young enough to enjoy the magic and beauty and wonder of it all. And I hear there are good eats, so I'm sure I'll have a fine time, too. :) If you have gone, please share your favorite things to do, and what you think Chloe, who will be 7 when we go (unless we manage to win the lotto without actually playing the lotto) would absolutely love.  Food recommendations earn you extra bonus points. Also, because it's so far out, we are not sharing this with her anytime soon.

4. If someone needs to thaw cool whip in a hurry, I know about it...  My claim to fame on this blog is a little post I wrote for the Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival that We Are THAT Family does every Wednesday.  It's about thawing Cool Whip quickly, and my blog comes up as the third source for such information if you consult the google in your Cool Whip related emergencies.  Of all the efforts, heart, and hilarity I've put into this blog, it positively CRACKS ME UP, that 95% of my page views are for Cool Whip related inquiries. I just shake my head and hope someday, I can top that.  Perhaps with Rediwhip.

That will conclude the randomness for today.  You can be sure there will be more number-y posts coming soon.

With Cool Whip on top.

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