Thursday, June 5, 2014

Every Pacifier Has Its Thorn

It seemed like such a good idea when he was tiny...  It was way better than being a HUMAN pacifier.  But alas, at 4 months old, the tables have turned on me, and now the solution is officially the problem.  I'm not a fan of crying it out, mostly because of all the crying.  It never worked for Chloe, so I'm hesitant to put him through it.  I think there is a time and a place for a battle of wills, and age 4 months, in the middle of the night is not it. I reserve Clash of the Titans for potty training and 3 year old tantrums, yo.

I really don't even know how we got here.  When he was teeny, it wasn't as necessary, but on occasion was helpful.  Honestly, I was more concerned about his addiction to Bethel Music!  He was always very good about falling asleep on his own.  I never feed him to sleep, unless you count middle of the night feedings, which I do not.  I guess it all started with naps.  He consistently wakes up 45 minutes into a nap, and the pacifier has always helped him to immediately go right back to sleep. At some point, when I wasn't paying attention, this transferred to needing the pacifier every 45 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG.  So basically,  I'm about ready to join the circus. 

It's very possible that being a hippy this time around and not being as consistent with a schedule is what has created this situation.  I was militant about preettyyy much everything with Chloe.  She was not sleeping 12 hours by this point (4 months old) either, but I think she was only doing one nighttime feeding.  Spence is too, which I think I would be fine with, if it wasn't for the 6 or more times that he needs his paci, in addition to the one nighttime feeding.  Lord, deliver me. It's so much harder the second time around to be so diligent with the scheduling.  Especially since the second time around is so much more enjoyable.  There is less unknown and a greater understanding of the preciousness of it all! Not to mention, when you already have another child, there are other things to do!  Places I need to go!  Since I'm far from perfect and a horrible juggler - the baby's schedule is what has to suffer.  He makes it easy to bend the rules too, because he is the happiest, most agreeable baby. Everyone makes comments about how quiet he is! 

Until 1 Am when the paci falls out.  Then look out.  The boy can blow.

I'm trying to consider it pure joy, but in all honesty, I'm at my wits end.  I think Daddy is going to get a turn this weekend. Maybe I will pitch a tent in the backyard.

For those that know me well, you know that if I'm considering camping, in a TENT?  There is a serious problem. Mayday! Houston!  Do you read me????

I know this too shall pass. I just hope I have a couple brown hairs left by that point.  They are getting very few and far between. Regardless, I will continue to choose joy.  Even when it's hard. And I can't see straight.

But just in case you are ever convinced that I am withholding important intel that is vital to the well being of humankind? No need to involve Jack Bauer. Just wake me up every hour, all night long for a couple days.  I'll tell you anything you want to know.

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