Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Chicago Auditions

Here we go again! For the record, I do not particularly enjoy this part of American Idol and I used to boycott it completely, but my love for the show has deepened to the point that I am willing to sacrifice things, like time and the ability to watch something far more entertaining.

That being said, I will try really hard not to complain about the ridiculousness that I know without a doubt will ensue as soon as I push go on this here remote...

Side note* I just realized there is a 2 hour episode of 24 on the Tivo. How did I not know that it was on yesterday? Choices... Maybe I'll go back and forth.

Love Shania! I'm the opposite of what you would call a country fan, but I did like Shania for a minute back in the 90s.

Does anyone else wonder how the logistics of these back stories work? I mean, they must go get all of their details and footage after they've given them the golden ticket, right? It's always fairly obvious that this contestant is actually good, since someone has gone to the trouble of digging up some back story.

The good news is - we're kicking it off with someone who can sing! Yay. Love Kaitlyn's sound. And her hair. I so wish I had curly hair. Confession: I broke out my curling iron last week and I've been using it. If my hair didn't grow at lightning speed, I would seriously consider getting a perm.

Broadway girl with the weird chest thing and the passing out. Yep. Let that be a lesson to you, young lady. You actually can sing. And you blew it.

Charity. Very different. Very young. It's always fun to see people that have raw talent that needs refining. She is immediately reminding me of the girl from several seasons ago (Carmen?) Simon stuck his neck out for her and she just never really improved like he thought she would... Not sure why but that's all I can think of with this girl. I hope for her sake that I'm wrong...

It's not unusual to be loved by you? Oh My Word. Not often do I laugh out loud, but there is just something about that bow tie...

I love that Simon says (after the medley of awfulness) that this is a complete and utter (utta) waste of time.

No kidding.

I'm pretty sure that is not the fault of high pitch singer girl in yellow dress. Take it up with someone who can do something about it!

Moving on.

Wow. This Tip Toe guy really seems to be serious. I really wonder sometimes if there are different levels you can be at to get in front of the judges. Those sent specifically as a joke and who are fully aware of that fact, those who are sent in specifically as a joke who are unaware of it, and finally those who actually can sing but have to be impressive to this panel of judges that have seen amazing talent and are not easily impressed. I'd really like to be a fly on the wall and know exactly how all of this goes down...

Well, friends. Jack is back, and I gotta go see what sort of mischief he's stirring up tonight!

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