Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Boston Auditions

It's here!!! American Idol season 9! Woot woot! I'm praying that the audition rounds this year are like last year. If you remember, there was less rubbish and more actual contestants that can, you know, sing.

Before we get started, let's take a moment for Pauler.

Sigh. I don't know about ya'll, but despite my relentless teasing, I will really miss her. 8 years is a long time to then switch it up. I sure hope Ellen brings it.

Okay - first ticket (along with the sappy grin award, that grin being mine) goes to sweet girl with the brothers that have down syndrome. How precious is she? And she can sing!

And just so you know, I refuse to waste perfectly good time that I could be wasting on other things like facebook or Heroes, watching fools that can't sing and seem to want to be made fun of for it. So I will be heavy handed on the fast forward tonight.

Is anyone else thinking that this Italian guy is screamin' a bit? I'm surprised no one seemed to notice or care. I guess they're just excited to find a guy that can carry a tune at all...

What is this crying montage? My word, make it stop.

Man with glasses, (who, if I'm being totally honest has a bit of a sociopath thing going...) who rubbed Kara the wrong way, actually didn't sing all that badly. Too bad he got off on such a sour note with the judges. He could have done a lot more waiting in a lot cooler places.

Mmm... Love the girl that sang Alicia Keyes. So good. And so beautiful!

Tyler seems interesting. Love Let's Get It on. He definitely did it justice.

Please. Why can't I hear the other 17 sing? Gah. I would just really prefer to hear less about someone's mama's cooking and definitely less of the madness and more of the actual talent!!!!!

Okay, I'm done complaining. Well, probably not - but at least for the moment.

Oh no. No. NO. Not a grandma story. Oh my word. Did I even share that my grandma died 2 months ago? Well she did. And that sucked. And it still sucks. Sigh. Katie can sing. Good for you Katie.

Moving on.

Man in white cowboy hat. Yikes.

Justin (cancer survivor) Whew! Cutie pie can sing!

Woah. Shiney vest boy kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson. Oh - he just mentioned him, I guess it's on purpose. That hair is something else.

Love Bosah. (Spelling?) Weirdest song choice ever. Okay, probably not ever, but very weird song choice.

Overall, I guess I'm happy with the balance of silly and serious. I know if I got what I wanted, a lot of other people would be bored silly. Those people should tune in to Jerry Springer. Just saying...

Well - the countdown begins! How many weeks until things get serious?

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  1. you crack me up with your love for American Idol! lol (smiling)