Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pretty Much The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To The Universe

Pretty strong words, don't you think?  

Apparently, the New Cherry Dr. Pepper is pretty darn good.  The above statement is what my sister (age 16) used to explain to me the level of satisfaction the new flavor of Dr. Pepper has brought to her life.

Oh, to be young again.

Who am I kidding?  I probably would have used some equally overly dramatic phrase to describe it if I had the opportunity to try it.  Sadly, caffeine doesn't exactly agree with me these days, so the only Dr. Pepper I get the pleasure of consuming is of the decaffeinated variety.

Chloe is up with a cough that rivals the bark of a dog, so sooner than later I may be really sad about the caffeine situation...


I guess you'll know how it turns out if this post is later followed by a live blog of whichever episode of Sesame Street we watch to pass the time.  I'm guessing that series would be less popular then the American Idol version.

So, if you'll excuse me - I have to see how using a Cheez It cracker for a tire works out for the Twiddle Bugs.

See what I mean?  Pray for me.  If Chloe goes to bed soon, that would be pretty much be the best thing ever to happen to me tonight.  

Hands down.


  1. Watch that cough hon...that's how Dominic started and it turns out he had some pretty bad asthma. If it doesn't improve on it's own...take her in. (Sorry, I'm hypersensitive to that bark cough...that's how it starts in so many children and most parents have no idea...until their kid is gagging from all the coughing because they can't get enough air...and then finally get to the doc and it turns out the child is having one helluva asthma attack and they need a shot of epinephrine and tons of breathing treatments...sigh, yes it happened to us, and it was scary.)

  2. I tried the new Cherry Dr. Pepper, as *my* sister raved about it as well...I didn't think it tasted all that different than regualar Dr. Pepper, so don't feel like you're missing too much. =)

  3. Dr. Pepper is my favorite!!! I've never tried the cherry, guess I'll have to go and get one. I hope it makes me feel younger!!