Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol Top 4

Mixing it up on Idol....  Duets? Better yet, Rock duets? This I've got to see...

Oh my mercy Adam is kicking it up a notch!  I didn't even know that was possible.

And Slash, I don't even know what to say.  Well, since I was a huge metal fan (HUGE) once upon a time, I can speak intelligently on the subject.  

But I won't. 

In fact, I'll just keep pretending that I didn't spend a lot of money going to concerts like Korn, White Zombie, Pantera, and OzzFest.


I went to OzzFest.

I do not recommend it.

No condemnation, people.  Jesus forgave me and you should, too.

Speaking of no condemnation...

Adam - I'm taking it to new heights with my guyliner and manscara - Lambert Whole Lotta Love

Alright, listen.  I realize most people who find their way to my blog probably do not have a history with the heavy metal, but please tell me you can see talent when it stares you down and sticks its tongue out at you.  That was crazy good, yo.  Crazy good.  That a capella part?  What? UnBelievable. 

{Okay someone get Kara some medication, quick!}

Allison - My hair and lipstick match perfectly - Iraheta Cry Baby

Is it too low in parts? I guess it was just the beginning.  Wow.  That was pretty good.  A lot of hollerin', but like I said last week, if I hollered that good - I'd be doing a lot of it.  

Oh and Holy Boots! I would not want to met those boots in a dark alley.

Kris and Danny - Wouldn't it be AWESOME if they did a Casting Crowns song?  I would just die.  - Renegade Styx

I agree completely with Randy - the harmonies where sick.  (Slang for excellent for any of you without a 22 year old brother.) I think Danny sounded good, but Kris didn't blow me away at all.  Powerful and compelling?  Yeah, definitely not.  

{Where are they with those meds?}

Kris Allen - Come Together

I'm so glad he changed his mind.  I think Revolution would have been not so good.  Let's see what he does with Come Together.  Oh my word.  I'm LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY that Kris said he almost wanted to pee his pants!  All I can think is, Kris!  You don't want to pee yourself you just do it.  You don't think about it.  When you're overwhelmed or scared silly or whathaveyou - it just comes out.  Now, if he'd said he almost peed his pants.  Wouldn't have been funny.  But since he said he almost wanted to pee his pants, I'm about to pee mine.  Great, now you're all thinking that I'm the one that needs the medication.  You might be right.  

Moving along.

Okay - I pulled myself together and I'm loving this!  Loving it.  Wow.  For starters, I have chicken skin.  (read: goose bumps)  That.  Was.  Hawt.  I loved it.  His vocal were tight.  He was into it.  I loved the arrangement.  He worked it out, dawg.  So good.  And I really think Revolution would have been cheese E. 

{Pauler has word of the day toilet paper and I'll give you one guess.  Compelling.}  

What, Simon?  Really?  Are they freaking trying to throw the competition again?  Have I bumped my head?  I would say was my ice cream bad, but I haven't had it yet.  What in the world?  I need to watch it again, I guess.  My first reaction is usually right.  Am I alone?  Am I deaf?  What is going on?  ** I watched it again and stand by my original reaction.  **


Danny - this could be the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life - Gokey  Dream On

First I would like to state that this is a really hard song to play on Guitar Hero.  I think it will be 132 times harder to sing live.  Would you like to join me in prayer?  Oh Danny, I hope you know what you're doing...

Hmmm....  For a second, I thought he was going to nail it.  The chicken skin even came back for a sec.  Then I got irritated by his annunciation, then the chorus came, and I thought he might be bringing it back around. But then he missed some notes, and then he blew it on the last...  the last...  whatever you want to call it.  You saw it, you know what I'm trying to say.  That was not so good.  Eek. Honestly, it (the song, not the end) was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't amazing.  Not even a little. (or perfect or that great, according to Randy.  I agree, Dawg.)  Yes, Simon, horror movie - that's what I was looking for. That last whatever was horror movie worthy.

{Oi, Pauler's cup runneth over.  Again.  Didn't they say she had some announcement?  Is she pregnant?  Isn't she a little old for that?  Yeah, that's probably not it.  Never mind. Oh, and Kara.  More early Aerosmith?  Crying and Crazy are both newer Aerosmith.  Is that what you meant to say or did you bump your head, too?  It hurts, doesn't it?}

Allison and Adam - What will they sing?...  Slow Ride!  This is the Guitar Hero Theme Song!  At least, around here it is!

Oh, Adam...  Give Brett Michaels his pants back!  I'd say they did much better than Danny and Kris.  It was pretty good.  I have to say for both duets, they did a really great job staying together.  That's gotta be tricky.  I'll also have to say I'm glad it's a solo competition.  

{Pauler, a shirt that does it's job is also a beautiful thing.  Just sayin'.}

My TiVo cut off.  I didn't get to hear what Simon said about the final duet.  Did Pauler have an announcement?  Help a sista out.

Only two more weeks, friends.  I'm really quite sad.  I get more comments for AI posts than the rest of the week combined.  Whatever will I do to lure you all back?  I saw a commercial for the Bachelorette.  I can't do it.  I just can't.  I seriously would feel less icky at another OzzFest.  I'm not even joking.  So, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!  

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Until next week, Rock On.


  1. Give Bret Michaels his pants back. ROFL!!!!

  2. Can I just say I was laughing to the point of tears while reading your bit on Kris saying he wanted to pee in his pants?? Seriously. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. At least not while I was by myself. I'll bet I looked pretty weird.

    Anyhoo, I am totally with you on Kris's performance--he nailed it. And, it saddens me to say, Danny should not have done Dream On. No one should do Dream On. Like ever. Steven Tyler should probably not even do it anymore.

  3. That (the pants comment) was hilarious! Glad you caught that about the Aerosmith songs too! And I didn't hear a Paula announcement, but I think it (probably) has to do with a new album or something?
    Love your nicknames for the contestants! But what about Kris??

  4. Totally agree with you about the judges trying to skew the voting. Kris was amazing tonight. I wish they would have at least recognized that.

  5. I thought Kris was awful. Definitely not his and Danny's thing. I loved Allison & Adams duet. Pretty cool. I never heard anything about Paula having an announcement... but I FF thru a lot of the bull.

  6. I'm so glad that a former rock fan didn't mind Kris's performance. I am worried for him tonight, simply because this was SO not his thing and it shone a glaring spotlight on his vocal weakness, despite him singing EXACTLY my style of music super well.

    And... oh man, I almost hid under my couch at Gokey's final note... ouch.

  7. Too funny.....found this along with your other blog....
    I hope you will stop by and visit me.

  8. I thought it was unfair that they said Allison's performance was karoke but didn't say anything of the sort with Adam. REally he sang it pretty straight - not original at all. Decent performance but NOT original. And I am offended that they are trying to pick the final 2 for us. I don't like the Beatles much at all, that song in particular, but after Kris sang it, I thought it was a LOT more tolerable than ever before.