Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'd like to return this digestive system, please. It's defective.

I forgot that my tummy always used to hurt.   What is this cruel joke that my digestive system has been playing on me for the last (almost) two years?

Tonight was the second night that I didn't nurse Chloe before bed.  She had no complaints with the weaning, and surprisingly, I was the one who was a little sad...  It was a long year, and 95% of me is doing a really obnoxious celebratory dance, but the other 5%?  She's a little sad...

Until I begin to realize that nursing was not only the best thing for the little darling, it apparently had more perks for me than I even realized.

I've had issues that point to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for quite a few years.  I've never been officially diagnosed, which is fine, since the diagnosis is basically the result of ruling anything else out, anyway.  One of those, "Hmmm....  yeah.  I don't know?  We can't seem to put our finger on it.  Well....  Let's call it IBS.  Yes, definitely!  IBS it is!" sort of diagnoses.   

I hadn't really even noticed those symptoms had gone away, until the last week or so.  When they came back...


So, it would seem I'm back to feeling, well, crappy a good portion of the time.


I don't know if we'll have any more children or not, but if so - I just may nurse for two years!


  1. ohhh boy, can I ever relate to the "crappy" feelings....tummy problems and all that good stuff. It stinks (both literally and figuratively). THe docs used to tell me to eat more fiber...uhm, okay...considering I ate tons of veggies and salads everyday (especially as a vegetarian)...and that never seemed to work. Taking/drinking fiber supplements didn't work either. Probably because it wasn't a fiber issue, Duh. Right. I'll never understand what causes my stomach to go into day it could be dairy...anotehr day it could be pop...another day eating too much doesn't make any sense. So here we suffer. Glad to know I'm not alone...although not happy that you also have to deal with the incredibly uncertain moments of whether you should even bother leaving the house. :(