Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finals


I can't believe it's over.  I've definitely never been this obsessed about American Idol.  If you didn't get a chance to stop by last week, check out my post here.


Randy - I'm not sure what you were thinking - but somehow, it works.

Kara - Nothing too exciting.

Paula - Neon.  Though, I've seen her more Prom Worthy about 8 times during the season.

Simon - Button it up.

Vitamin water commercial - pretty funny.  The deer copying his backside, "all we do is work!" And the bunny?  Too cute.

And down to business:

Adam Lambert - Mad World

Wow. Smokey. I don't know about the trench.  At first, I thought it was a dress and I had two mini-flashbacks.  The Korn concert and Jane's Addiction.    Randy thinks he's on Sesame Street, again.  A for Adam.  C for cheesey.  Last time he was on, he played the xylophone...  The babbling Paula is back.  I'm not making fun, just stating facts.

Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

This is one of my all time favorite performances of his.  Once again, it was flawless.  My prediction is he wins it.  I know I should probably wait to hear more, but I know there are a very few that will base their voting on tonight's performances.  It would make a heap load of sense that Danny's votes are going to Kris, and if that happens, well - sayonara Adam-san.

Adam - My Change is Gonna Come

Did he sing this song before?  I need my Tivo. I missed what Ryan said before he sang. Chloe is hogging it, with her refusing to go to bed self.  Let's tie Kara's hands behind her back and see if she can say a word.  Honestly, girl.  Simm. Er. Down.  

Kris - What's Going On

Yeah - this is new material, right?  What did I think?  In a word?  Eh.  I didn't think it was that spectacular.  Yes - I agree Simon. Too laid back.

Adam - No Boundaries

hmm...  I don't like the song.  It definitely doesn't seem Adam's style.  ugh. Yeah, no.  I wondered if this was going to be a repeat of the Blake v. Jordan.  Remember that one?  Blake stood no chance with that silly song...

Sandra, quit lying.  Kentucky Grilled Chicken is not fantastic, or vantastic, which is what it always sounds like your saying.  I don't know, maybe it is.  I haven't eaten it.  I have two things to say: 1.  A little late getting on the health train, eh KFC?  and 2. Who would go to KFC for chicken that you could make on your back porch?

Kris - No Boundaries

Yeah - I knew it.  This song is so much more up his alley than Adam's.  If I'm being really honest the song isn't that great.  I think Kris did a fine job and I don't quite understand why no one wanted to give him any feed back on it.  One last attempt to point votes in Adam's direction?

And here's Carrie Underwood to demonstrate that this is, in fact, a singing competition that can be won by someone with ABSOLUTELY NO DANCING ABILITY WHAT.SO.EVER.

Kris will win.  

Please come back and visit.  I will miss you all!  Thanks Boo Mama, for connecting me with all of the other Idol fanatics!!  It's been fun.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta watch...


Which I'm loving, by the way!  It's like Boston Public meets The Wonder Years!


  1. I so hope Kris wins...and am so sad that it is over....

  2. That last song was so cheesy it hurt. Badly.

  3. I'm taking a Kris-voting break to stop by and say HI!

    I DVR'ed Glee, but I haven't even watched The Bachelorette yet. Glee will have to wait.

  4. I sure hope you're right about Kris. I voted for-evah last night to do my part.