Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Count down to car-less...

In a couple of weeks, we'll go down to one car. I'm a little scared. Something about freedom and independence... Feeling a little Amish... Horse and Buggy anyone? It'll be an adjustment.

I'm sure plenty of people think we're nuts, but honestly - I think it's nuts to pay hundreds of dollars for a car to sit in the driveway. I seriously hardly ever go anywhere.

I'm sure there will be many more must share moments related to this topic. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ohhh ya know, I've considered going down to one car. I've been tossing that idea around for ohhh a good eight months. I'm not sure I could get away with it only because both of my kids are in school and inevitably I get called every so often to come pick one up because s/he isn't feeling well. That and all the doctor appointments...it'd make things very difficult.

    It drives me crazy too...when I don't use the car and it just sits there. But after our other car broke down, I realized how nasty I get WITHOUT a vehicle. I feel shafted...stuck at home...a prisoner. If my husband were a bit closer...and could come and get the kids should they need to be picked up or whatever...I'd probably consider it further. But with him an hour away...it doesn't make me feel good.

    Did I mention how nasty I get when I don't have a vehicle??? LOL When we have to do it out of total need, I deal...but man, I don't know how I'd survive without one right now.

    You really weren't joking when you told me you didn't get out much eh? :)

  2. I wish I were exagerating (I know that's spelled wrong and I don't care. Yes, I was a teacher, but not a spelling teacher...)

    It's definitely my own choosing. I like sleep and ramming the roads effects Chloe's schedule which effect her sleep which effects my sleep. Nope.

    For the most part, I grocery shop. That's about it. I do MOPS once a month. I go to dinner at my Dad's every so often, and take food to my grandparents.

    We're hard core pinching pennies, so where would I go and what would I do even if I felt compelled to get out?

    The truth is - my husband works from home 3 days a week, so I'm really only held captive on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be free to use his car when he's here, so it won't be bad. I've had my own car for 16 years, though - so in a lot of ways it IS a big deal. We'll see what happens.

    It'll be easy enough to undo if it doesn't work out, right? ;)

  3. The funny thing is when people are like - you should just buy an older used car for like 3000$.

    Yeah - okay... Wait - it must be in my other pocket... No, what the? Hello? If I had 3 Gs I didn't know what to do with, then I could afford to keep paying for a nice car that I don't use! der.

  4. Dude! Where'd you get the totally adorable layout?!!!!!