Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Dice Lasagna

Will Smith is Legend.

I Dice Lasagna.

Not exactly a summer blockbuster, just my life.

Chloe has a slight fever and is a Crab Apple Supreme. I hope she works it out by tomorrow. Having a crabby baby is no way to celebrate your Double Sweet 16...

Yes, friends, tomorrow I will be 32 years old. How on earth did that happen? And why do I still feel 16? Does that ever go away?

I destroyed (accidentally) my power cord, so now I'll actually have an excuse for very infrequent blogging. Not that is has stopped me without one, but ya know...

I'm peddling a bunch of my old reject clothes at a garage sale this week. I'm hoping to make a boat load, so I can buy a lens for my Cannon XTi that I recently purchased. I'm not sure which crazy pill I took, to dive into this oh-so-expensive hobby, but here I am. Let's hope I can figure out how to work the darn thing.

I've been sewing (or should I say seam ripping) today... A seamstress, I am not. I am making huge strides in letting go of the need for perfection, in that I'm actually going to give my creations away. I feel sorry for my girlfriend who will be the proud owner of several of my hack jobs. I kid. They aren't too bad. I will be offering a warranty. If anything unravels, I'll replace or repair at no additional cost.

Well - you probably think it's your birthday after that heaping dose of random.



    Thanks for the giggle before bed! Great end to the day. :)

    Happy Birthday! I pray that your day is filled with every possible blessing and gift from the Lord.

  2. I was just reading about the canon XTi, what do you think about. How is the video quality.

    My hubby was actually talking about the MarkII, but now that this one has video we might just do it.

    Tell me about it, what do you think???

  3. Oh, Jessica... I wish I could. I just ordered the lens yesterday, so I haven't even used it yet. My opinion would not hold any water anyway, since I seriously know less than nothing about photography... :) I bought the camera used, and had to save and have multiple garage sales to be able to afford the lens. Sigh. Hopefully, I'll get to snap a photo in 2-3 weeks. I'll post my best attempts as soon as I can!!