Thursday, June 4, 2009

While We're on the Subject of Mother of the Year

I accidently caused Chloe to have a very unhealthy attachment to fleece footed pajamas.  


See, I had this idea that having a blankie was a bad thing.  All I could think about was the time in aught 6 when I forgot my blankie at my aunt's and we had to drive half way to timbuktu in the middle of the night to meet my aunt to get my little blankie.  I just thought life would be a lot easier if we didn't have to worry about remembering a blankie.

Enter the fleece footed pajamas.

We spent a lot of time stranded here without a car this winter, and well - I'm not one to get all dressed up when there's no where to go,  so Chloe spent a lot of time in her fleece footed pajamas.  Early on in her fleece footed pajama wearing career, she started holding the sleeve of her jammies up to her nose while sucking  the thumb of the hand in said sleeve.  (Did I mention that she's a thumb sucker?  Yeah.  Don't have to worry about leaving that anywhere...)  I didn't really realize what was going on with the sleeve sniffing thing, until one day, when she pulled a dirty pair of fleece footed pajamas out of the laundry basket and snuggled it.  

Like it was a blankie.

Needless to say, I immediately let her have a blankie.  All I could think about was her wearing fleece footed pajamas until she was 15 years old or something.

I have to wonder if I've scarred her for life for not letting her have a blanket sooner.  Or if this fascination with fleece will be permanent.  Either way, it just confirms what all  moms come to realize one way or the other.  No matter how hard you try to do everything right, that Mother of the Year Award always seems just slightly out of reach.  

Oh, and God Bless Burlington Coat Factory, where I found a pair of Christmas fleece footed pajamas in Chloe's size for $6.99.  In June

They say I Love Santa, and she will be wearing them through the summer months.  

A girl has to have her fleece footed pajamas.   


  1. Dominic loves fleece footed pajamas too...only problem is he's six now...and well they are a little harder to find as you get older (but Target tends to whip some out in the winter months up to adult size!!!). He says they are really soft and snuggly and just loves them to pieces.
    Anyway, a tip...if you haven't already...whatever blankie you decide to make her snuggie TWO of. We learned that with Alexis...when she did the same thing ~ left her pink fleecey blankie at a hotel and it hadn't been recovered for two days (two days of sheer non-sleeping hell). When Dom came along I decided we would ALWAYS have a backup. We'd wash it the same and swap them out so they'd get his and my smell on it, etc. I know...crazy as it is...but it worked. And yes, he still needs his blankie. I won't tell you what happened to Alexis'...that would surely win me the most psychotic, mean mother of the year award (awww the bad old days...).

  2. I know exactly what you are going through - though my son hasn't formed any attachment to his fleece footie pajamas, I HAVE. I don't want him to be cold, but I want it cold in here all the time! When I couldn't get his size this spring at WalMart I ended up buying a package of pink girls footies on the clearance rack! And then my husband "forgot" to change him the next day and delivered him to the sitter in them! Yikes!