Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

They're out there, yo. You just gotta find 'em.

I knew they were out there. I knew of a couple different people who had them. I just wasn't sure how to find them. The internet... Well, the internet is a peach - but there are many a rotten spot. Have you ever googled work from home? Yeah... Don't bother. Scammy McScamster is busy as a bee flooding the internet with stuff where you pay him to work from home. Hi. I need money - I'm not going to pay you money. Duh.

So I was lamenting on facebook one day about wanting a work from home job. One of my childhood best friend's dad pointed me here. And I was shocked at the number of options. Most of them don't work for me at the moment, but it was very encouraging to see that the opportunities are there. The whole "quiet work environment" is sort of a deal breaker for me... Pesky two year old. ;)

I had decided that I really wanted to get serious about blogging, but well - that is a big time investment with no compensation... I'm willing to invest, but mama needs a new pair of shoes today! Interestingly enough, it was in my research for blogging that I came across this website. He is quite the smarty pants where blogging is concerned, and I saw he had a link to work from home opportunities. CLICK! And that is where I found this company.

(PS - While I was trying to find all the links, I came across this article, too. Very helpful.)

I have been hesitant to say a lot for numerous reasons. The biggest being that they have a confidentiality policy and I can't remember what all I promised I wouldn't share... :/ Oops. So - I will direct most questions to their website.

I will say this. The test? Was HARD. It's not for sissies. Not that I'm calling ya'll sissies, but if the shoes fits, don't waste your time. I have easily invested 30 hours into studying and taking the test. That doesn't include time spent updating my resume, which I did for the sole purpose of applying for this job. I kind of had all my eggs in this basket. And you can only take it once. If you fail, well - so long sucker. No pressure or anything...

I had been praying for a specific type of opportunity. I had been praying specifically for the what the when and the how. It is very apparent to me that this is the answer to more than 8 months worth of prayer. Isn't God awesome?

And let me just say - if I've ever been patient where waiting on God is concerned, it has been here. Not because I've got it all together and have unwavering faith, either. Because I didn't want a stinkin' job.

As only God can do, He has slowly changed my heart in this area. At the end of last year, I began thinking that it might be time to start trying to find something. I didn't want to do this, and I refused to do that, and it had better not entail X, Y or Z... But as long as it fit nicely into the box I had dreamed up, - Sure! I'd get a job. Over the course of the next several months, that changed into a desire to do whatever it takes, as long as I was certain it was from God. It's cool how it took that journey, with a long stop in Surrenderville, to get me to the place where I am now. With a job that fits the exact specifications I originally had, even though I had finally opened my mind to whatever God wanted for me. Kinda reminds me of this. Oh when, when will I learn?

It is my prayer that one day (soon would be awesome) when God says, "Do you trust me?" I have an affirmative answer spouting off my lips before He even gets the whole question out. Not there yet. ;)

So, back to the job. This is the job description. If you have mostly no idea what they're talking about, then you are just like I was when I first read it. 30 hours later, I'm confident that I can do it. Well, confident might not be the most accurate word, but I will get there. Did I mention that the test was HARD? My Word. I think it might be their intention to weed out the riff raff with the long and arduous application process. I'm sure it works.

Here's why it appealed to me:

There are no set times I'll have to work. I will be able to work late nights, very early mornings, or days when Frank is here and can take care of Chloe.

The pay. I know that ya'll want to know how much. That I know I'm not supposed to share, so I'll just say this. In my opinion, it will be worth the efforts I've put forth. I am confident that I could not find a flexible part time position around these depressed parts for anywhere near the coin they are going to pay me. If you decide to apply, that information is given to you before you have to give birth. And by that I mean take that crazy test. :)

A few more things... This company is looking for highly educated people. I also think my past (non-teaching) experience really impressed them. Specifically, the year I spent as a Business Systems Analyst. (Oh, to have that pay check again.) If this particular company doesn't work for you, do some serious searching and you just might find the perfect work from home opportunity!

There you go. That's what I've been up to. Happy? ;)


  1. Sounds great chica!! Perfect!! Thats Gods will!!

  2. This is really helpful, Rachel. Thanks for sharing.