Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's ALIVE.....

Or, I'm alive, as it were. In the words of Bob Wiley:


It seems I may have over committed a bit this fall. Except that I have every intention to continue with everything I signed up for until May. Awesome.

Speaking of alive... My heart is actually pumping at a decent clip for the first time in weeks. I fell off the running wagon, and didn't have the gumption to chase after it and climb back on. Not that I would have time to run anyway, but if they decide to ditch daylight savings in exchange for adding three hours to our day, I might just be able to wedge it in somewhere.

Looks like the winter exercise regime will consist of turbo worship with Chloe. David Crowder is the sound track. There's lots of jumping and clapping, and well - the baptists would just have a fit. I may be in the market for a bladder lift or whatever they do for you when jumping and sneezing is problematic. Thank you, Eve.

So. Between not running, working, prayer ministry class, Bible study, MOPS, and the 17 other things I've volunteered to participate in (and bring baked goods to), the bloggy blog is probably going to be parked on the back burner. Sad but true.

Hopefully, I'll at least be around occasionally. Gotta vent the funny somewhere.

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