Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol Top 12 FINALLY!

Rolling Stones Night. Okay. I'm going to try really hard not to be negative tonight, so before I get started working on that goal...

Remember how once upon a time there was a little "wardrobe malfunction" that forever ruined the Super Bowl half time show as we knew it? Remember when someone thought it would be a good idea to have the Rolling Stones play? Remember when they all but limped around the stage and Mick Jagger sang I Can't Get No Satisfaction, but I twy and I twy? Nope, not a typo. That's what he sang. Anyone else remember that? Show of hands. I hope were not in for a whole host of awkwardness tonight.

Here we go....


He started the night off well, I'd say. I felt like he had a few rough spots in the middle and the dancing (can we call it that?) was a bit distracting for me, but overall I thought he did a nice job. Just to reiterate, I'm not over the moon about him, even after last week's tear jerking performance. I think if there is a pill for humility he should order a bottle and swallow them daily. I don't know... He doesn't come off that way every time, but when he thinks he did a great job on a performance, he seems to have a hard time containing himself. Arrogance = turn off. At least for me. I don't care how good you are.


I don't know that I'd ever heard that song, which is usually bad news. A performance has to be dy-NO-mite to suck me into a song that I don't know. Surprisingly, I really liked it. I don't think it was flawless by any means, but I thought it was very strong. She connected strongly to the song, sang it well. I think it worked for her. But I may be a little like her momma, in that I'm nervous to watch her get judged. I sure hope the four stooges liked it!!!


Love the tearful momma. Precious. Solid performance. I almost think that it can be a disadvantage to contestants who come in already polished and ready to go. There's just something awesome about watching people mature and improve. There's even something cool about watching people endure harsh criticism and learn from it and come back and wow those same judges. So for me, the Casey's and the Crystal's, though I think they're GREAT, get a little boring for me. I just want to buy their CD, I don't want to watch them on American Idol. Does that make any sense at all? There's just really no anticipation and it's not as fun. End Rant.

I need a snack. I'm very hesitant. I hurt myself with some girl scout cookies last night... Definitely don't want to go down that road again. hmmm... What to do? I ended up going with what I like to call the "ghetto peanut butter cup" spoon with peanut butter + bowl of chocolate chips = ghetto peanut butter cup. Yummy, but very hard to execute. I'm forever trying to find the perfect balance of chips and peanut butter. Tonight was no different. Needed 1 tsp. more peanut butter, but alas the kitchen is just too far.


Did we know she was a preacher's kid? I don't think I knew that! Ugh. I want to like her, I really do. Okay - the middle was much better than the beginning, but the end went downhill again. Not sure why she would sit during the most upbeat part of the song. That was weird. I'm trying to pin point what the issue is with her. Is it lack of confidence? Something is just not right. Thank you, Ellen. Totally agree! I typed my thoughts before I heard the judges. Simon and I are sharing a brain, apparently.

Also - I'm perplexed (and not in a good way) about the whole shirt under the strapless whatever that is. Someone else did this with a dress this year too. Now listen, I'm all about the modesty, friends. But if you're not comfortable with the strapless, then pick a different get up! I'm not feeling the layering look. Peculiar.


Oh, the parental preciousness is going to push me clean over the edge! I'm not sure if I love anything more than a tender hearted emotional daddy. Love it. Ain't nothin' better than a man that can cry. Hmm. That performance was kinda rough. Parts of the vocal were good, but not all of them. It seemed really awkward for him. I was excited for the contestants to have to choose from a narrower song list. I think it will really show who can bring it. I would have expected Andrew to be one of those. From the auditions, I was really expecting him to be like Adam Lambert and be able to wow us no matter what type of song he had to pick, but that certainly hasn't been the case thus far.


Another strong performance by Katie, that I just didn't love. I haven't forgotten my goal, so I'm struggling with what to say. She has a great, strong voice and is talented beyond her years. I think she'll be in the competition awhile, especially since she's young and I've just always had this feeling that it's mostly younger people who vote. That's based on nothing but the fact that I've voted approximately 4 times in all of my viewing history. And the fact that some very young people have stayed in the competition far far too long....


He is a perfect example of the spirit of American Idol. I totally have that anticipation with him. What will he sing, how will he do, what will the judges say? This arrangement is kind of weird for me, and for some reason I was thinking that he'd gone sort of the way of country. Am I remembering that wrong? The reggae thing is definitely unexpected. Strange. I think vocally it was pretty ok, but the phrasing (maybe? look at me thinking I know how to technically describe what bugged me) or something was off. I will be shocked if the judges like this.


I love what her dad said at the very end "you have to be proud of any child that endeavored this, and the way she's held herself the entire time, it's any parent's dream." Love it. Way to affirm your daughter, daddy! And, because I backed that up 10 times to get the quote right, my ears are ringing from that note and I've looked at the shirt under the strapless dress 10 times. Seriously. No. Oh man, speaking of no, that crazy note (in tonight's performance) was not as successful as the other one. Eek. She may owe someone some money for some windows. Girl can blow, that's for sure, but when you go for that, there is always the chance that it won't work and I don't think it did that time. Maybe if she hadn't held it so long? Other than that, I thought it was a great performance. Maybe my favorite of the night so far. I even like the combat boots with the dress. Super cute. I mean, I ain't wearin' it to church or anything, but it worked with the whole dramatic thing she had going on. Sweet. Seriously no one is going to say anything about that screechy business at the end of the note? At the risk of waking the baby, I watched it again and there was definitely some problems with that. Eek.


Another strong performance. I think he will be successful regardless of how far he goes in the competition. Oh, yes. I totally agree with Ellen. I was expecting a crazy rockin' performance by Lee tonight. So this song choice was a bit of a let down, though he did really well with it. PS - I really appreciate Ellen's balance of serious and funny. She's a comedian so she's not about to leave the funny sitting on the table, but she doesn't go overboard with it.


This was sort of a surprising song choice. In parts, it seems a little too low for her, but at the higher ends she is really able to showcase her power. I suppose that's a hard choice to make... I would say that this is one of her better performances in awhile. How in the WORLD do you sing like that with laryngitis? Oh my word! Can you imagine doing that without rehearsing? Holy snap, I have a whole new respect for that performance.


More sweet momma tears. Aw. He is totally reminding me of Frankie Muniz tonight. Ha! I really like the scratchy thing his voice is doing. I don't recall that from past performances. This was a great song choice for him. He really nailed it.


I don't know if I've ever come closer to blubbering during American Idol. These moms and pops are pulling it OUT tonight! Funny how being a parent changes so many things! I LOVE THIS SONG!! And sing it often to people who can't get their own way. Namely, myself. And my sister. She loves it. Yeah, she doesn't. And I'm laughing HYSTERICALLY at myself, because for some reason I thought this was a Beatle's song. Neat. As usual, Crystal nails it. See my comment on Casey, as much of it applies here as well. I'll say it again, just make the record so I can buy it. But oh no, you'll have to tour the country side doing incredibly awkward performances with 9 other people and by the time you get a chance to make a record, I will have completely forgotten who you are. The unfortunate downside to being very successful on American Idol....

Well - there you have it. Everything you never wanted to know about what I think about American Idol. If that didn't satisfy your AI itch, head over to see what Boomama and friends have to say.


  1. I totally agree with the whole get-up thing that Lacey has on. Sheesh. What was that? anyway? This is my first visit to your blog. Nice to "meet" you. =)

  2. I really wanted Siobhan to nail that note, and you're right - it wasn't QUITE right. But the judges thought so. Glad I wasn't the only one picker than the judges. But she was still my favorite of the night...

  3. I feel exactly the same way about Mike!

    And I think the strapless thing is a look/style, not really a modesty thing.