Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 8 Girls

Katie Stevens

I think this could have been a good choice for her, but it seemed really low to me. And pitchy. I agree with Kara, when she says she just needs more experience. Sometimes, there is a 16 or 17 year old that just blows us away with his or her voice/stage presence/ability to shine etc... Katie is not doing that for me.

Siobhan Magnus

Girlfriend can sing. What an original performance. I haven't been taking notes for the past 8 years, but if that's ever been done - I don't recall... I really enjoyed it. Oh - and that is a super cool skirt. Except that it's a dress.

Lacey Brown

She always makes me wish I could do a smokey eye... Have I said that before? If so, it's still true. I think Lacey is a beautiful girl, I think she has an interesting voice, but I'm just not a huge fan. I consistently find myself bored while she is performing. It doesn't seem to matter what she sings.

But check this out! She seriously looks like my friend Grace. Grace is the one who isn't about ready to burst with the pregnant. Oh my word. My poor face was double it's normal size.

Katelyn Epperly

I thought this was fun, upbeat, sounded great. I do have to agree though, strange choice for this juncture and it really did look like she was fake playing the, whatever that thing is. Love Katelyn, though. I think she's got skilz.

Didi Benami

Oh, Didi! I'm so happy for you! I gotsta tell ya, I'm not a fan of the Fleetwood Mac, but I really liked that performance. I agree - that vibe is exactly what we fell in love with from the start, though I stand by my post from last week, I thought that was great, too. I have to say, I was really expecting a retraction from at least one of the judges at some point, but they all seem to stand by their opinions, rude though they may seem. You go, Didi! I sure hope you are here to stay!

Paige Miles

Oh, hunny. I fear you will be even more emotional while singing it Thursday. As bad if not worse than The Climb, from yesterweek. Different girl, equally dreadful and kiss of death. Has anyone else ever noticed that often the farewell song is super fitting? I'm telling you, I would take that into account every week when picking my song. Not that I would ever find myself on American Idol, and not that I am superstitious at all, but if I was and I was? Totally avoiding the kiss of death song choice.

Crystal Bowersox

Great song choice, great vocal, great electric guitar (read: geetah, a la Simon). I'm with Ellen. I'm tired of hearing myself gush with the same old words. I need new words.

Lilly Scott

I try so hard to listen and give her a chance, but I just can't get into her. I think she is very talented, but her brand of interesting just doesn't do it for me. On another note, she also looks like someone I know.

Do you see it? Lilly's hair has more of a "got caught in a rain storm" feel, but other than that....

Well. My prediction is that Katie and Paige are going home. Maybe Lacey?

What do you think? Check out Boomama for more American Idol fun (and the song titles.)


  1. Baahaa...love your recap! And as was last week, we agree :)

  2. Ha-your friend is for sure a look alike : )

    I like Crystal and Didi...Paige for sure needs to go. Sadly, because she is a beautiful girl but just falls flat every week. I love Siobhans voice but I don't particularly love watching her perform.

  3. I'm thinking it's the 2 Katies/Katelyns going home. Paige was bad, but the other 2 are worse.