Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 20

20 people is a lot to review. I couldn't take it last week, especially since I was the Queen Negative Nellie and just couldn't bring myself to hit publish...

Until it's a more reasonable number of folk sangin', I'm just going to cover the highlights once a week.

I thought the boys were far and away better than last week last night. Big Mike rocked the casa. I fast forwarded through What's His Name that sang Gravity and I agreed that Casey could have sounded better, though it was entertaining. I'm really rooting for Mr. Mullet, and hope that the 16 year old picks something less overplayed next week. And. If I'm being totally honest, I don't get what the big dang deal is about that Lee fella. He's okay, but I'm not in love. If I remember correctly, ahem, I think I said that a lot about Kris Allen last year until the very end, so I'm keeping the ketchup handy for when I get to eat my words.


Crystal is a serious favorite of mine. I'm glad she skipped the harmonica this week. She has got mad skillz where the singin' is concerned, and I think she should wow everyone with that and leave the harmonica to Kid Rock. Or whoever else does that. OH - and PS - does anyone else think she looks like Drew Barrymore? Uncanny.

Man. I really like Haeley. And I actually really like that song. Unfortunately, I think chances are good we'll be hearing it again tomorrow. I hope not, but those lyrics are typical American Idol kiss of death foreshadowing if I've ever heard it. And the fact that she didn't sing it very well, well - that certainly doesn't help.

Lacey Brown is another one that I'm just not sure of... I don't particularly love her tone, and while I thought she did switch it up a bit, it was pretty karaoke... She needs to start blowing people away, or she will be going home.

I heart Didi Benami. She might be one of my favorites. I think she has a great voice, amazing control and she is just so purty! :) Seriously, judges? I liked it. Maybe I'd better rewind it, I apparently saw a different performance. Watched it again, and stand by my original reaction. I hope that tomorrow they say that it wasn't that bad after having watched it back. I just feel terrible for her. She is absolutely devastated.

I forget who he said it to, but I am SO THANKFUL that Simon is aware of the fact that they tell someone to do something and then hate it when they do. I've known that they do that for years. Good to know that they know, too.

Katelyn Epperly. Girl, wow. Wow. Chills? Check.

Paige is good. She is a beauty. I still feel like she is all of a sudden in this competition. It just irks me that she had no air time until now, but what can you do? I'm totally invested in other people who I have been rooting for and thinking about for weeks. I hope she doesn't go home too early because of it.

Man. There are so many people! I thought Katelyn was number 10. Now I'm wracking my brain for who is even left? There's 10, right?

Siobahn - I don't even know about her. She is crazy talented, but Simon is right. She is very strange. And can I just ask one question? Why is it that they sometimes scold people for screaming the song and then they sometimes practically give them a grammy for it? I find that strange.

I know I skipped some people. I actually said more than I planned to, so... There you go.

I'm ready for it to be the guys and girls together. I'm a little bored. Or overloaded. I'm not sure which.

I think Haeley, Lacey, Michelle, and Paige should be nervous.

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  1. I totally agree! They were so mean to Didi. I agree with you that she's going to come back next week and totally blow them away.

    And we do think alike - you should be very very scared :)