Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 8 Guys

Oh my, I've waited until much to late to watch this... Better get right to the point. Out of character, I know.

Lee -

He kind of reminds me (looks only) of Danny Gokey. Anyone else? His performance? Eh. He's good, but I definitely don't think that was his best performance. What is with Simon and his "moments" this week? Sheesh.

Alex -

He is the cutest darn thing. Mullet and all, I just want to squeeze him. That being said, is it me or was that nasally? Or just his pronunciation? Good, not great. Ellen. Enough with the banana business. Horse. Dead. Stop. Beating.

Tim -

This started out good. A little pitchy, to be sure. He definitely seems nervous. The hallelujahs didn't make me say hallelujah. The ending was much better than the middle... It seems to me he switched up some notes, I hope he gets credit for that. PS - His hair is more annoying to me than Alex's sweet mullet. Seriously? I do not get boy hairdos these days. Not a fan.

And Ellen makes Idol history and GOES ON STAGE AND HUGS HIM!?!?! Cute. Hilarious. You go with your bad self, Ellen.

Andrew -

Interesting. Can't wait to hear what the judges say. I think he could have done more with it than he did. I agree it was a good idea, but didn't really work like he hoped... I really like him, I hope he can pull out the Straight Up Vibe soon. And I really hope he makes it to the point in the competition where he can choose his favorite performance to repeat, so we can hear the entire song!

Casey -

I'm predicting that at least one judge is going to say that he doesn't know who he is or that he's bouncing all over with song choices. I say if you can do it all that well, why not showcase it? I think it was a very strong performance.

Aaron -

He sounds really nervous again, and it seems to me that it's negatively effecting the performance. Doesn't sound super in tune to me. Oh - nice big finish. Though his voice sounds pretty tired. Who is Ellen watching? I would not say he's super confident. At all.

Todrick -

Singin' Queen. Sweet mercy. This could really go either way. Hmmm... I just don't even know what to think about that. Especially since every time I watch him, all I can think is how much he looks like a guy I dated for 5 minutes, 70 years ago. Which wouldn't be nearly as weird if it wasn't for the fact that the dude I dated had blonde hair and blue eyes... So perplexing. Anywho, I think it was a strong performance, but a pretty strange song choice for me. I have to totally agree with Kara, kinda made me want to laugh. But that could be the old bf flashback too. Hard to say.


What language is he singing in? Mumblish? I swear I didn't understand half of what he just said. Weird. Boy can sing, can't argue with that, but a little humility goes a long way too... I don't know. Kara is blubbering, okay - maybe I should rewind and try to listen a little more closely. Dude. I'm having some Pauler flashbacks with the bawl baby. Watched it again, and well. I'm not crying. I guess I didn't get it.

I'm kind of thinking Tim and Todrick should be nervous. Maybe Andrew, too? I don't know.

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