Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now That's Deep

For the first time in MY LIFE, I've been on a diet for an entire month.

Let's all take a moment, shall we?

When I was pregnant, Frank went on the South Beach Diet. He lost 40 lbs, while I gained almost that much! Not nice. I had a great excuse at that time to skip it, but I always knew I'd like to try it someday. Well - after enjoying the effects of nursing for a year, I slowly began to put on weight. There was no sign that it was stopping, so I decided I had better do it.

I started on January 3rd. Sadly, it was my sister's 18th birthday - so the first thing I burned up on the alter of dieting was birthday cake. Ouch. That one hurt.

Aside from that, it was really much easier than I expected to completely give up sugar, COLD TURKEY. I seriously thought I was addicted and truly thought it would be an absolute nightmare. Nope. What I've learned along the way is that I wasn't doing nearly as badly as I thought. I've also been reminded that I can do ANYTHING that I put my mind to. I just hadn't put my mind to any self-control where eating was concerned for quite some time.

Sadly, I didn't lose as much as I'd hoped. Phase 1 promises a loss of 8-13 lbs, and I lost 3 or 4. Even now, a month later, I still haven't hit 8 lbs. Boo. The good news is - I'm into the pants that I wanted to be in - and I thought I'd need to lose 12 lbs to get there. So, woot for that! :)

For phase 2, you are allowed to start adding grains back in. We have decided to literally make a lifestyle change where grains are concerned. I'm trying really hard to convince my intestines that this is for the best, however, they are a tough sell. Whole grains, um, cause me some, um, issues. Yeeeeaaaah. Eating an enormous salad everyday for close to 3 weeks also wreaked havoc on the old digestor, too. Yikes. Note to self. Moderation. In all things. Even salad. Ok.

I whine about not losing weight, but the truth of the matter is this diet was more about self-control and dying to self than anything else. I figure if I can't even discipline myself where sugar and other poor eating habits are concerned, how do I expect to discipline myself spiritually.


Since that was so easy, I'm now quitting facebook. Eek. It has been 3 full days, and I remember this being a lot easier the last time I did it. Apparently, my addiction has intensified. Good to know.

I was planning to give up facebook for Lent, but then we were issued a challenge to fast and pray at our last women's meeting and I knew that I needed to give up facebook. SO.... It is going to be very close to 3 months. Yikes. I'm going to try not to think about that right now.

The good news is in place of facebook - my plan is to read and study God's Word more, and pray for the people in my life that need miracles. There are a lot of them. It's so worth it. Even if I am dying to know what people I never even talk to are up to. Lord, give me strength.

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  1. LOL, reading this blog reminded me of what I went through last year...on both the diet and facebook fronts. :o) Facebook "hurts" for the first two weeks (if that) but then it's but a bleep in the thought it becomes really easy to "forget" about (out of sight, out of mind). I lasted six months last year..but honestly, I could have gone longer. I just felt like I was "released" and my boundaries were set. Unfortunately, I don't feel that the diet thing had that same effect on me, LOL. I'm now released to eat all the sugar I want...and boy do I ever! (The good news is my metabolism really did reset and I'm not gaining weight regardless of the poor choices I've been making, hahahahah.....I LOVE THIS!!!)
    I'm proud of you for sticking out the diet for a month! That's awesome! And even more awesome that you are back in your skinny pants!! :o) Get that digestive running like a well-oiled machine...and add in your running routine again come Spring and watch out world, Rach might be sporting a two piece this summer!! WOO HOO HOTTTTY MC-HOT-PANTS!