Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Hopes? Oh, They Are Up.

Chloe went potty on the potty seat tonight!!!  For the first time!!!  I'm so excited I could potty myself!  Well, maybe not quite that excited.  Especially since I shouldn't be, since I tricked her into doing it anyway...  Well, not really.  But kinda.  A little bit.

I had almost an entire month off of bath time duty, what with the Great Back Injury of 2009 and all, so the other night hubs was saying that more often than not, she potties on the floor while she's putting her toys in the tub.  I never let her do that when I give her a bath.  I always plunk her in there, and more often than not she immediately potties in the tub.  Which is what really makes it super gross when she tries to drink the water she's been soaking in.  And pottying in.  Ew.  


Before I hurt my back, I was letting her sit on the potty seat every time I changed her diaper.  Once I was back to being able to lift her up on the changing table, I decided I better not press my luck or use my strength with multiple unnecessary ups and downs.  So we kind of forgot about the potty seat for awhile.  But when Daddy said she was often having accidents in the bathroom, that got me thinking...  Maybe I'd try Daddy's idea of not putting her right in the tub.  Maybe, just maybe I would move the potty seat into the bathroom where she takes her bath, and maybe, just maybe I would have her sit on it for a minute while that water was running, and maybe, just maybe all that water running would get the party started.


It worked.  How about that?  Not the first night, not the second night, but indeed - the third time is a charm!  

I'm pretty sure she has no idea what even happened.  And it was most likely, a fluke.  But tell that to my hopes, because, Dear Friends:

They are up.

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