Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calling All Cooks

I mentioned in this post that I make a lot of the same stuff over and over.  It's easy, and I don't mind keeping some things in life predictable.  It's easy to keep the pantry stocked and I always know dinner will turn out like I'm expecting it to.

But I'm getting bored, ya'll.  I need to mix it up.  

I like making casseroles.  I wish I could afford (and had the time) to make Grilled Ribeye With Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce with a side of salad, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.   I mean, that would be super fantastic.  But let's be real, I have a hard enough time getting the one pot of slop to the table over Chloe's over zealous not to mention loud encouragement.  (Glass half full people, glass half full.)

So, I'm open to suggestions.  Do you have a delicious dinner you would recommend.    It doesn't have to be a casserole, but casseroles welcomed!  I love the crock pot and will be kicking that puppy into high gear in the coming weeks.  I can't face eating soup right now, but as soon as the temps start dropping, will be eating soups at least once a week.  The only other stipulation is it has to be reasonably affordable.  If it calls for gouda or saffron, I probably won't be making it. If it calls for beans and rice?  Well, then I'm there.

I really miss the days when I paid other people to feed me.  I wish I could claim to have had a personal chef, though that's certainly not the case.  Come to think of it, had we saved what we had spent at The Clarkston Union (home of the most amazing macaroni and cheese known to mankind) Miyako (a Japanese steakhouse) and Mesquite Creek (killer fajitas.  seriously.  the bomb.) we probably could have afforded a personal chef.

So bring it on, do share your favorite recipes.  Pull me out of this rut before we all starve to death.

And in totally unrelated news...  GLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!

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