Monday, December 29, 2008

Ever get the feeling...

...that you might be getting old? Ahem, me neither.

Well... Maybe.

Today as I pulled out a zip up sweatshirt thingy that I've had for, well, a long time, I realized.... I'm that old person who wears a completely out of style sweatshirt, because:

A. It's a perfectly good sweatshirt.
B. I can't afford a new cool sweatshirt.
C. It's comfortable and warm.
D. Dang it, I like this sweatshirt.

I remember being younger and wondering why on earth certain people would keep on wearing that? Seriously, I would think, have you shopped in this decade?

Now I get it. I'm sure they had perfectly good reasons. Probably one or more of A through D. Most likely, E.

E. All of the above.

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