Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol Top 9 Again

Oh dear. Adam is the mentor and I'm sure many are appalled by this. I'm sure he'll perform tomorrow night and that promises to be nothing short of scandalous. All in true Adam form.

Can I just say that I'm glad that the save has been used? I've never really been on board with it anyway. It seemed kind of an odd addition so late into the game. And Frankly, it just adds something for Ryan to be excessively dramatic about.

I'm not a big Elvis fan at all, so I'm not anticipating loving tonight, but right out of the gate CRYSTAL does something really unexpected and sings a song that I've never heard before. And the electric guitar? Woot!

And G - did you see Sue right behind the judges? Ha ha!!!

I really like what ANDREW did with his song. Changed it up just enough so it wasn't the same boring song that we've heard 12.5 million times, but didn't change it so much that it was unrecognizable. And Randy - I'm pretty sure karaoke would be trying to copy the version with no changes and doing a poor imitation. Just my opinion. And after hearing what the rest of the judges said, I would NOT want to be Andrew. He can't win no matter what he does. He either changes it too much or not enough - never the amount that would make the judges happy. He is FOREVER being compared to a performance that he obviously can't duplicate, because if he could have - he would have by now. I like him, but I don't think he has a lot of time left.

Turban? Really? Now that's just rude, cracking a (stupid) joke right before TIM sings. Lame, Seacrest. I'm not sure about this performance. I like the idea of it. I don't think he quite pulled it off, and I really wish he'd taken Adam's advice. At least then if he bombed, he could blame in on Adam. But as it stands he just gets to wonder IF it would have been better IF he'd taken the advice of the guy who went to the finals last year.

I think I might be back to undecided where LEE is concerned. He's good but boring. Tonight's performance? Good, but boring. However, 1327 bonus points for not inviting the bagpiper back. Am I right or am I right?

One word, AARON. Awkward. At least the beginning. Killer vocal, though. I must say. I agree with Randy - then end was better than the beginning.

SIOBAHN. I like that her scream wasn't full force. And her hair was very Elvis. Not my favorite performance of hers.

MICHAEL kinda killed it. Boy can sing.

Those shoes would be a guaranteed wipe out for me. Mad props to KATIE for staying vertical. Vocals weren't bad either. Pretty brave to sing 'what do you want from me' to the judges. Nice work.

Bluesy is definitely Casey's hometown. I thought it was good but a little boring. he definitely could have done more.

I have a hard enough time guessing one person that's leaving, no clue who the two will be.

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  1. I hope its Siobhan and Andrew...they are both eh at this point for me.