Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Smile Filled Day...

I almost titled this post Best Day Ever!!, but not only would it probably be untrue, it would also expose me as the woman with the lamest life ever.  I guess I'm okay with that...

Have I blogged about my inability to get out of the house?  I've always had it, but the condition has worsened considerably since Chloe came on the scene.  Most days I don't even bother pretending like I'll go out, many days I have grand plans that never come to fruition and once in a blue with green polka dots moon we manage to leave the compound.

I wish I were kidding.

That's not the point though.  Apparently, we had a fancy moon last night, because today, Chloe and I ventured out to, wait for it....  The grocery store.  No - two grocery stores.  

Can I just say, we had the best time!  She was so well behaved, which is not the norm when she's tied to a cart...  Aside from the fact that she did a little disappearing act with my grocery list at Meijers, it was probably the best time her and I have had together at the grocery store.  

As an aside, do the elderly ogle over your children at Meijers?   The employees at Kroger fall all over themselves, but it's the customers at Meijer. This cute little old man asked me on which aisle he could find one for himself.  Love it.

So after getting lots of great deals, playing kissy face with my girl all through Meijers and even rewarding her for being such an excellent shopper with some clearance boats for the bath tub, we headed home.  Chloe fell asleep for like 2 minutes on the way and apparently ruined herself for her afternoon nap.  If there is anything I can count on, it is this: The day I desperately need a nap, Chloe decides she does not.  In her defense, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep if I put that in my pants, either, but you know.  Even with clean britches, the moment had passed. 

I expected that this was going to make for a really long afternoon.  Which I guess, technically was true.  It was two hours longer for her than normal.  I thought she would be a crab apple supreme, but she wasn't.  We danced.  A lot.  We played tea party.  I did a head stand.  She thought that was hilarious.  I did some crazy sit ups that doubled as a pony ride of sorts for her. We danced more.  We played some very one sided hide and go seek. We laughed a lot.

This went on for approximately four hours.  

We must have done a few more things.

But we just had the best day. 

 And I loved it.

The End.

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