Monday, July 20, 2009

I Highly Recommend The Electro-Shock Therapy

We went sailing this weekend.  Gotta love the sailing.  Oh, except for the nausea, unseasonably arctic weather, and almost capsizing on our way back from Mackinaw Island.  Everything else about the experience, I positively adored!

Two years ago we went sailing for the first time.  I absolutely loved it!  Except for the part where I threw up, but other than that?  Loved it.  I was something like 7 weeks along in my pregnancy, so I tried to blame it on that.  Despite the fact that I've been known to get carsick (though never actually vomit) on the shortest of car rides, what with my husbands most excellent stop and go techniques.  

I had my fingers crossed that now that I wasn't pregnant, this years sailing trip would be all wind blown hair and cute sunglasses.

Well, I wore my hair in a ponytail all weekend and I lost my sunglasses before we even left for our adventure, so I guess you know - it didn't exactly go as I had envisioned...

Nothing ever does, so I'm really not surprised.

We set out at the crack of the middle of the night Saturday morning, and arrived in time for breakfast.  Our 4 hour drive took exactly 3 hours and 10 minutes.  Apparently, we found a way to time warp, not unlike level 1-2 on Super Mario Brothers.  I slept through it all, so I can't even tell you how to go about doing it.

After breakfast and some catching up, we set out for Mackinaw Island.  I'll just say this - 

The seas were angry.

And it turns out, pregnancy was not the cause of my issues two years ago.  

Definitely not.

Lord, please don't let me throw up.

That was what I was praying.

Get me a sprite and the pretzel rods, STAT! 

That was what I was saying.

K, our captain and host, broke out the big guns.  The ReliefBand Device.  I didn't know at the time whether it was the Sprite, the pretzels, the ReliefBand, or the praying that actually worked, but I began feeling better and made it with my lunch fully intact to Mackinaw Island.

We did the Fudgie thing(did you know that the locals refer to Mackinaw Island tourists as fudgies?), walking around, dodging road apples, playing games on the lawn of the Grand Hotel, shopping and headed back to the boat for High Sea Adventure Part Deux.  

And you thought the ride over was bad.

Holy Whitecaps, Batman.

I've been known to exaggerate, but I promise, I'm not.

I thought we were going to die.  Or at least, capsize.  It was super choppy.  We seriously had to hold on for dear life, multiple times.  The dingy began to fill with water and had to be bailed out.  One of the husbands thought it would be funny to pretend he was going overboard and nearly sent his 7 month pregnant wife into a combination of hysterics and early labor.

This is the part where my lunch should have done an encore.

But it didn't.

And I owe it all to the ReliefBand Device.  

I can't say that I didn't eat a half a pound of pretzels on the way back to the marina, because I most certainly did.  But there is no logical explanation for doing as well I did, except that the electronic current that was running up my thumb and pinky finger was actually relieving my sea sickness.

Thank you, ReliefBand Device.  Thank you very much.

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  1. I, too, have terrible motion sickness...especially on boats and swingsets. LOL Reading your post just brought me back in time to our first cruise trip. Ick.

    I loooove Mackinac Island. We used to go every year...until finances got tight last summer. Blah. Ohhh dem road apples...and the Mackinac Rose. Good times. :o)